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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ImPakelika, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Ok, currently I have 1 package of KC33 seeds that I plan on planting outdoor this next spring. But from what ive read on overgrow ive decided to start my 10 seedlings indoor. So I decided I would grow them inside a month before I put them outside, so they do not dye due to shock. But, I dont know if the light I have right now will be enough, currently I have a 40 watt compac fluoro. And I have a box that I lined with the dull side of tin foil to reflect the light. Currently I have 2 seedlings about 4 days old. I decided I would grow these just as an expirment to see how good they do under so little of light. One streched a little, but i moved its spot in the box, and it started growing fine. From what you all have read, do you think I have what it takes to grow 10 seedlings to be big enough to put outside. If you think I need more light, I could probibly access another 15-20 watt compac fluoro. This is all I have acess currently, I might have to go out to walmart and get another 40 watt.
  2. ok i just posted to tell you all that im ripped, also here to tell you that I can post some pics as soon as possible, right now their not really anything to look at. If anyone has any ideas on how big a plant under 40 watts of flouro would get ina month please help me out :).
  3. i used a 4 ft ballast with 2 40 watt bulbs, a 120 watt plant light, and 2 80 watt compact fluoros and 2 were 18", and one from a different strain was a foot. i don't know the particular strain your growing, but i would guess that with the right lighting that yours should be at least a foot when you move them outdoors.

    if your looking for cheap lighting go to home depot. the 4ft ballast should be about 8 bucks, and a 2 pack of bulbs, are about 8 bucks as well. they also have the other lights i'm using.

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