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  1. so growing some trees in my bedroom inside of a dresser. this will be my second harvest so im new to the growing game but fortunatley i have some experienced growers helping me out growing with soft white compact flourescent that are 75 watts, and a daylight one which is 100 watts. been leaving them on 24/7 with a few hour break here and there. used s lil dried blood and bone meal for fertilizers and fafards 3B mix for soil. as of now i have one lowryder diesel that has recently began to bud. i also have 3 baby sprouts. n then another 6 lowryder that were planted on tuesday. i have one jack herer that was strugglin, but is now much happier in her(hopefully) new home and has four beautiful healthy new leaves:hello:check out the attachments lookin for any feedback.

    thxxx. staaay highh:smoke:

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  2. also a fan that i use just not visible n these pix
  3. "Why are all those cords pertruding from this dresser?" "Don't worry about it, continue along." Very beautiful plants.
  4. ^^Lol

    preetty plants man, good luck. I might do the same depending what place I find to live.
  5. thankss guys! cant wait for it to be done. last harverst was stolen by some idiot:cry: haha.

    haha and usually have the wires under the dresser, runnin from the back. keepin it steaalth.

    the dresser really wasnt hard to do, i recommend giveing it a try. (comming from a girl wit no building/construction experience at all wat so ever lol)

  6. youve never seen an electric dresser? they were like the flat screen tvs of the 1980s
  7. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy ive seeeenn those b44444444
  8. Haha you can see the light xD

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