grow dresser?

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  1. does anyone have or have a link to instructions (with pics) on how to build a grow space disguised as a dresser? i've several how to's online but none are very descriptive and few have pictures at all thanks.
  2. nice timing b/c im finishing up my grow dresser this weekend. ill post pics fri/sat-ish...:hello:

    just made one last week

    i found an old dresser at goodwill
    and i took all the drawers out and removed all the faces of the drawers
    got some wood caulk and i sealed all the fronts of the drawers to the front.
    then i gutted the entire inside so it was just an open space
    went and bought wood for the back to make a door and cut it out to be flush against the dresser and flush with the sides so the door doesnt stick out and look weird
    then i got some henges and a latch and i put the door on
    got hooks to run cords through to hold them up and drilled 1 inch holes in the shelf top with a drill bit so i could get the lights through then shaved the cord ends slightly so they'd fit through the 1 inch holes then i took a jigsaw and cut out the 6 inch hole for the inline fan in the shelf and the 7in hole for the flower pot in the base floor so it could drop through and use the extra 4 inches of space under the dresser inorder to allow myself to have more grow space in my grow section and the holes are almost perfectly round so that everythings snug.

    hope this helps a bit if you need any other specifics just hit me up and ill let you know how

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