Grow Diary 26 April 2006.

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  1. Hi all, been watching you all for some time getting ideas and so on. My set up has been quite rushed but this is a working and on going product. Please help and offer advise if you see something going wrong or that i shouldn’t be doing. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as i do_On Monday 24/04/2006, after sowing 4 seeds only one seems to have germinated. Today i have finally put the seedling under a 400w HPS light on a 24/0 cycle. Also before going under the light I watered the soil around it with around half a litre of water as it was very dry already. Tomorrow I will pick up a fan as i have noticed that it is getting very warm in the grow closet now, so I’ve left the doors open to regulate the temp as best I can. I have no idea what the strain is or even if it is going to be female as i got the seeds from a friend[
    Having problems downloading pic's will keep trying and update later
  2. you should be on 18/6 with a HPS 24/0 is a waste of energy and you might cook your seedling with a 400w HPS that close
  3. Thanks for the advise, will pull back the light, and change the light cycle.If pulling back on light distance, will this not encourage the seedling to stretch?
  4. whoa. first of all, whats the temp in that box? a 400w hps and foil should be cooking the little guy. do you have it under control?
  5. yea a 400w hps is like 50000 lumes... more then enough for a seedling and yea that seedling must be cookin... whats the temp? and plz get a fan immidiatly
  6. Hi guys, point taken with the set up:rolleyes: .Ive now taken the nipper, and put her in a sunny place for the next few days.Pay day soon:yay: so will buy proper reflective material and fans.Thanks for jumping on me so quick, she could have passed on.

    Q) what would be the most effective reflective material but at the same time not expensive?

    Q) same as the above, but with nutes for soil grow??
  7. theres this stuff its called mylar, its not too expensive and u can get it at any hardware store, as for nutes dont get anything with "time realease fertilizer" for this stage you want a high nitrogen plant food i.e. 30-10-10 but i wouldnt feed them the full dose the package recomends, cut it down by half, and dont give them nutes this early they are still too young, any more questions ill be on for a while

    ur fellow grower

  8. Thanks for the advise Dank,will pick some up this weekend
  9. Hi all, been shopping today and picked stuff up for grow.
    1 Air extracter
    1 Carbon Filter
    Digital thermometer
    Bio Grow
    Bio Bloom
    PH tester
    Mylar/ 3 meters
    I took all that foil down and replaced it with Mylar. i attached the Mylo with Velcro to closet which would be nice and easy to take back down.Everything is up and running now, and the temps are stable at 85c and humidity at 40%.The fan and extracter are on full.I've noticed that the extracter fan is on really Strong and quite loud, so I'm going to buy a dimmer switch tomorrow to control the speed.
    The seedling not grown that much this first week but we all know why!I'm hoping that in a few days i should see some sign of growth, now i have this set up.Is there anything more that i should be doing at this stage?Let me know guys.

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  10. that looks perty good.... you spent alot of money ...... now you just got to wait for your babies to grow
  11. What the hell happened to my pics????????Anyway it's been nearly 2 weeks since birth and i must say I'm getting a Little concerned or am i getting paranoid. Week 1 was a complete F**k up. I went and bought all new equipment and set everything up. I am having a few problems, so would like some advice please. I've been having problems controlling my temps, it seems to be under control now but the temps at their highest are 37C & 35% humidity. This has only been achieved since buying more ducting and attaching it to the light reflector and also the extractor fan to draw heat out from the very source. Humidity was also a problem at one stage where it was reading at around 25% but since adding a bottle of water with the lid off, it's kept it at round 35%-40%.On Tuesday i checked on the plant and found her on her side. I put in a support and she now seems to be fine, enough to take the support back out. I think the fan may have been on too strong! My big concern at the moment is size(2inch) Her's not mine:eek:.I checked about an hour ago and could see new growth coming through, but should she be this small? Is everything I'm doing wrong?:confused: <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shape id=_x0000_i1026 style="WIDTH: 12pt; HEIGHT: 15.75pt" alt="0" type="#_x0000_t75"><v:imagedata o:href="" src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image002.gif"></v:imagedata></v:shape>Yesterday i gave a little Bio-Grow(8.0-2.0-6.0) 1ml per 1liter to help her along. Should i have done this? Anyway, guy's let me know what you think. Constructive advise and criticism much appreciated. Here are some up to date pics.


    SV300009 Rotated.jpg



  12. i dont know what your problem is i really dont, my little guy was two inches after the first 4 days, im no expert sorry for the pointless post, gl guy, u'll figure it out, theres alot of smart people on this forum, as for the nute, im sure its fine because the ammount is so little, gl again

  13. Advise please.Something is seriously wrong, my baby is sick big time:eek: .The leaves are turning a slight yellow brown.The tips started a few days ago, i thought it may have been down to too much light as Ive been having problems with my light timer, i cant guarantee that she has been having 18 hours light only.I will know this at 12PM today as I'm off work and will be around to see if the lights turn off.The other thing Ive done recently(last night) i gave a little Bio-Grow(8.0-2.0-6.0) 1ml per 1liter to help her along.The amount given is some small surly this hasn't caused this.Please help guys really need help on this one.Bellow in the first photo is when the leaf tip just started to change color(2 days ago).The rest are from today.

    This is a bad pic SORRY:rolleyes:

  14. I can now say that my plant has been getting 24 hours light for the pas 3 days.Could this be the problem:confused:
  15. That poor little thing looks burned.

    Either it's 'normal' temperature burn, from being too close to the light in a hot environment, or it's nutrient burn - from too high a concentration of nutrients.

    If I were you I would keep the plant out of bright light for a while (say a day or two), flush it with pure water, and leave it alone for a little while to heal.

    Also - I did my latest grow intending to leave them under 24/0 light during veg (the '10% extra bud' high-times comparrison article was the main impetus), but I found that my plants really picked up after a short spell in the dark, so I settled on a 22/2 light cycle.
  16. could this disaster be down to my lighting?I'm only growing 1 plant and in hindsight a 400w HPS may be to much for her.Would a CFL be more suitable for the first weeks or until a least flowering time then change back to the HPS:confused:
  17. Thanks for the advise arseface, just flushed her with 3 liters of water and Ph was exact 6.0.I do think allot of this has do do with the amount of light this poor thing has been exposed to, so I'm thinking maybe tomorrow to pick a CFL light and start to use that for a while after she has picked up.Getting pissed now as I've already spent a small fortune.:mad:
    Let me know what you think guys.
  18. Well, I usually use CFL for the first week or so. But if you give enough clearance with the HPS (2ft at least for a 400W for the first week or so) that should work well.

    If you're going to spend any more money, I'd get some more seeds if you can. Better to plant a couple more and pick the best females to flower than to put all your eggs in one basket.
  19. I know it sucks now spending all the money, but your going to love it in the long run. Your first grow is always going to have little problems like this, its normal. You will have more fun during your next grow.

    Uh yeah you probably should of had her under a flouresent light for the first few weeks. You don't need the HPS until its time to flower. I think its a waist of money to run a hps while vegging.

    Yeah and you probably should of started like 6 plants.

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