Grow Deficiency? Lacking Nutrients?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gold_Grower, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Hello fellow growers I'm new to growing and was wondering what the issue is with my plants. I currently don't have any lights or anything like that. I'm growing in my attic and it seems like the leafs are curling/dying. I do see a bit of yellow texture in the leafs and I know that means the plant isn't getting enough nutrition. But what I want to know is why the leafs are curling. And what kind of nutrition products would you recommend. (Only using direct sunlight from the window at the moment can't afford any lights). And I do have a fan to vent out the stale air.

    20190809_073022.jpg 20190809_073026.jpg 20190809_073050.jpg 20190809_073059.jpg 20190809_073108.jpg
  2. Not enough light too much heat possibly too much humidity and lacking proper nutrients.

    A few compact fluorescent lights real close would be better than what you're doing now.
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  3. Thank you guys for the help! Much appreciated!
  4. and your plants/s need some water and some good potting mix to grow in ,,,,mac,,
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  5. Just watered them now, Do you recommend 500ml of water per plant? Don't got a drainage hole or anything so I'm trying to not over water them so the water doesn't sit at the bottom.
  6. Until you fix your drainage problem they will probably always look like that. Drill a 1/4 inch hole on the side two inches from the bottom and all your problems for life will be solved.
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  7. Thank you I will do that right away!

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