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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by sIIooo, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hello all, I started working on a new grow closet yesterday and its coming out very nicely. Here is a starter picture of it.

  2. Cool what are dimensions? 3x7x6? for the whole thing? What style you planning on doing? Only minor suggestion for the base (for anyone who does something similar) use the green 2x4's they are treated to be mildew/mold resistant so if they get wet less wood rot.

    Keep us updated on how this goes.
  3. yea it's 7'L x 6'H x 3 1/2'D. Hmm didn't see the green wood option. I'm going to work on it more tonight and will post more pictures.
  4. Got a little more done on it yesterday.


  5. Great work, coming along very well :)
  6. good work. what setup you planning to use? keep us updated!

  7. Dude,it's awesome! :hello:
  8. I may not post every update what a wonderful job you are doing but its looking good and I am enjoying watching it unfold thus far.
  9. i like this. im looking forward to seeing you finish it.
  10. Ok last update before the final one. Decided to go with drywall all around because its cheaper and looks nicer. I am going to put mylar over the drywall and waterproof paint on the bottom.


  11. Looks great, I'm actually thinking of building my own grow closet. I might just use your design aha.
  12. Yea had to make a few provisions along the way due to not having the right tools for things but it's coming a long great got the doors on just have to work on the ventilation part and wiring it tomorrow.
  13. Dude Thats Nuts... Kudos to you man! How much did it cost in total to build it ie (wood/paint/sealant/drywall etc) cause i really wanna do it now... its so smart! lmfao
  14. Well it cost me more because I had to make a few changes along the way but i would say roughly $200-250. Should be finishing it up today so pictures to come.
  15. Looks great what kind of lighting are u planning? soil or dro?What kind of ladies get to live in the hotel? tell me more tellme more..:hello::smoking:
  16. I just picked up a 600w HPS for the flower room and I have a 400w HPS for the veg room. Right now I have Super Lemon Haze, L.S.D., and I am starting some Blue Mystic and Sour Diesel.

    Here are some pictures with the doors and some wiring and venting.



  17. this is really nice and inspiring i might make my own as well haha. did u put any plants in yet
  18. nice =)

    im keep waiting for updates ;)
  19. hope ya don't mind if i pop a squat, looks interesting.

    wouldn't mind boxing that thing out before you put in your little ladies either :smoking:

    -edit- also, i am new to indoor grows, but is that a carbon filter in the veg room? wouldnt you rather have that in the flowering room ???
  20. Looking clean. Keep it up, keep em coming.

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