grow closet: what should i do for ventalation??

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  1. im in the process of making a grow room/closet the size is about 2ft wide, 4 ft deep, and 6 ft tall. it's more or less just a closet i have a med card so i can grow but i have kittens so i need the door closed, so what about ventalation?? do i need vent. for a area that size? if so does anyone have any ideas?? (i've seen the comp. fans but i dont know how to power them or to make circulation) and so far i have 10 lil plants (just over a week old) so i need room for them:smoking:
  2. any 1 have any ideas?
  3. Computer fans are (allmost) allways 12 Volt DC.
    You will need some kind of power supply.
    If you're lucky you can find an old power supply for a modem or so which works on 12V, but a 9V version will works as well, the fan just wont run as fast.
    Be sure to mind the milli-amp rating for whatever PSU you use.

    Also, an old PC power supply WITH A 110V/220V on/off switch (not the newer 5v switches that 'talk' to the mainboard) will do fine.

    I myself use a 0-15V DC 0-25A (25000 mA enough for a few dozen modems) regulatable PSU which I bought for 130 Euros. (Yes this is a big fat overkill for a few fans but I use it to power up some of my 'experiments' as well)
  4. thanks for the advice....but my main concern is how could i set up a vent? this is a sealed closet (so if i wire up fans where could the air go?) i have a few kittens so i still need to keep the door on the closet.............any ideas?
  5. The answer is Yes.. you do need a vent.. and going on what your lights are.. it kinda depends.. either way though.. it would be much more efficient of a growspace to have air coming in and out.. it is basically essential.. I had a 1000 watter in a closet before.. sounds big I know.. but it was the same size as your closet.. way too much light for it.. but hell I got about a pound.. either way.. I cut a hole through the wall going to the bedroom near the floor(you can simply patch with sheetrock when you move.. and then had a vent that I cut going into the attick from the roof of the closet.. to be honest with you bro.. there really is no way aroung good ventilation.. and I wouldn't buy a pc fan either.. I'd get a small dayton blower.. but that's just me too.. do what you will.. just remember.. the more of an effort to feed those plants desire to grow.. the more they'll wiegh for ya in the end.. :)
  6. thanks for the info. i guess i have to get creative, because this is a lil space under my stairs (on 1st floor, under 2nd story stairs) so everyone would see my "room"...... where could i find a dayton blower? and about how much they run$$?? as far as my lighting i think im gonna go with 400watts (4x100w) do you think that would be enough?? i hope i can get near a pound!!!
  7. 50-60 bucks should get you a little blower.. I am telling you man I would get 4 100 watters.. I would get a 400 watter.. seriously.. and if you want a pound out of that then you seriously need to get a little table and do flood and drain hydro cause there is NO way you will get a P if you don't..
  8. cool....ok so ill do the 4x100=400watts, work on the fan/blower but how do i do "flood and drain hydro"
  9. I really wouldn't get 4 100 watt bulbs man I would get a 400watt HPS seriously.. and flood and drain you just need a table for the rockwool cubes to sit and resiviour so that the water can be pumped into the table a few times a day..

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