Grow closet - tent or ?

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  1. Hi everyone, great forum from what I've read the past couple of weeks,

    This will be my first setup. I've grown outside in the past but growing inside intrigues me. I have a closet in my home office that is 35"X25"X85" or there abouts with bi-fold doors on the front. It is drywalled and painted inside. I think putting a tent in there would be the best solution. I want to use LED lights only and there will be no ventilation, Co2, etc. I will use the LED's, soil, and some nutes. I will perhaps play with a hydro setup once I figure out how to grow properly in soil indoors. Smell and light are concerns, I work in this office all hours of the day and night and also have customers come to the house so smell must be contained. I plan to grow only 2 plants, maybe 3 or 4 if I can't get the proper yield with 2. This is strictly for personal use. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I plan to start buying the necessary parts soon.

  2. hm. i would be concerned about a lack of ventilation, especially if smell is a concern. if your thinking is the noise of the fans, this can probably be avoided with a quiet exhaust setup. also, i like to position floor fans around the hidden grow closet/cabinet to distract the sound of whooshing air. client hears the sound of air passing... "yeah, i've got two fans in here, what do you expect?"
  3. The closet isn't accessible to the outside or any unfinished rooms so I don't know where I could vent to. Fan noise doesn't bother me, there are 3 computers in here running right now. Clients never get in this office, just to my front door which is 30' and 7 stairs away. Could the vents just go into the closet .... do I just need to get any excess heat out of the tent?
  4. You need heat out of the tent, and CO2 in. Even if the LEDs are efficient enough that you don't need to cool them, CO2 is a basic plant requirement. You'll either have to run a tank, if you want to keep it as a closed setup, or you'll have to have fresh air coming in.
  5. So fans and a carbon filter it is. Thanks

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