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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Guccii, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone well the reason for this post is because I need help with setting up my closet into a grow room.

    Here is what I am going to be using.

    1 400 watt Hps system
    1 400 watt Mh system
    2 4" vent fans attachable to the Mh light
    4 small cumputer fans
    2 timers
    a hydroponics system but going to use soil
    1 carbon filter
    Fox Farm Nutes

    I have everything I need besides the way I am going to set it up.
    closet inside measurements

    width 45in
    depth 25in
    hight 99in

    I got one idea and it is I split the closet in half and do top room for vegging
    and bottom for flowering
    both rooms will be 49inches in hight.
    I dont know if that is enough room?
    I plan on Lst,topping the plants or maybe srcog
    Also dont kno ho many plants i would be able to fit in each room any ideas?

    Do you think this will work.:confused:

  2. I dont think that will work at all. you're going to have a ton of heat with no real way to cool down the room and the room seems way too small to have all of that crap tied up. build a grow tent for your bedroom or something.
  3. Ventilation is usually the problem in the closet set ups. I would suggest just building a grow box :)
  4. Closet can be done, and yes heat is an issue. But you dont need nearly as much room to veg as you do to Flower. Also for a closet grow use a T5 to veg or even CFL's this A: cuts on the heat! and B saves much needed space! so you could make your veg room say 24" and have the plants much closer to the light then use the left over space in the flower room.

    Now ventilation is a major problem how secretive is this grow supposed to be? could you go as far as putting 2 holes in your closet door? 1 at the bottom for intake air and one at the top for venting air?
  5. well i know that heat will be an issuse but i am getting a better fan maybe a 6inch.
    also i do have a t5 i think we dont use but no bulbs so will i get same results with t5.
    also i was looking into the cool tubes but if the t5 will be the same then i will set it up.

    thanks for the advice
  6. Also let me clear up bout that t5 idk if it is or not but its on from the stores that they be having at the ceillings. is it the same thing?
  7. I would assume HD would make them grow slightly quicker as its a stronger light, But the amount you save in Heat/space/Hydro will more then compensate any growth loss.

    Allot of people prefer to veg in Florescent light for the above reasons. Also you can keep the light super close to keep node spacing very tight, where with MH you need to have that 1' or more gap due to light heat.
  8. Like hemptation said you have to get the heat out of your grow space. Can you cut two holes in your door or put holes in your floor or ceiling? Those fans must take the hot air some where and bring in cool air from some where. If you don't ventilate your space all of those fans will only make your space hotter. :smoking:

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