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Grow Cabinet Size

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Ragnar, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. I'm thinking of growing my own weed cause I hate to pay for it. My problem is that I dont know what size garden I'll need. If I manage to do it, it will probably be in my attic, so I don't have much space to work with.

    I usually smoke about a quarter a week, and I want to grow enough weed to last me between harvests and then some. Would a 5' by 5' garden be big enough? And since I plan to put the garden in the attic, I'm worried that the plants will be too tall. The height of my attic is about 3.5 feet. How high would an average plant grow?

    I really don't want to order seeds online if there is any way around it, so I'm planning to use seeds I got in a bag. The weed that was in the bag looked like schwag, but actually was pretty good, so I figure if I'm careful, I'll get good bud. I don't know what type the seeds are, and I know that must make it really hard to answer any of my questions, but I'd appreciate any info you could give me.
  2. well that sucks that you don't have much space to grow with, because you don't know what strain the plant is you don't know how tall it will grow. the bag seed could be good dope though. Because you can't grow the plants too tall, i'd make two rooms, one for mother plants and another for flowering. I'd grow Sea Of Green, i'd have lots of plants with lots of light. You need to get hps lights so the plants don't strech out reaching for the light. I don't know how big to say you should make the room because it depends on the light your going to get. i'm sorry i can't help more but my head hurts like a bitch and i'm going to get some pills....
  3. atic growing has a lot of probs, hight and temp r only to of them and enough to put most ppl off without having to worry about wot ur mistery plant is gonna grow like.

    im betting ur seeds r prob from imported weed, that will prob make them stavitas, ur looking at tall plants that take ages to flower and need to get big to give u the weight of bud that ur after.

    if ur gonna b spending money on lamps and soil or hydro etc etc then stump up another few quid and buy some seeds. that way u know wot ur getting and u wot have half the probs that ur gonna have.

    by all means try a seed or 2 along with the seeds u buy, i bet after a mth ur b wanting to rip them out and just grow the plants from the seeds u brought.
  4. with a quarter a week, i dont think your gonna need 5 x 5.

    i have a 2' x 2' box, and using scrog, i typically harvest 7 - 10 oz. and 3 1/2' will be plent for a nice low scrog.

    Whats scrog?

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