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  1. Hi everybody, this is my first post even though I've lurked forever. I've been gaining as much knowledge as possible before moving on to the real thing. So, what I'm looking to find out is opinions on some grow cabinets. A little background on me, I have a family so stealth is of utmost importance. I don't really know my neighbors and I'm not sure where they stand on the whole weed thing. Anyway, I looked into tents but they are just too obvious and I'm not going to build something because I don't have time for that. So I've been looking at prebuilt grow cabinets. They seem to fit the bill for me because they look like any other cabinet in the garage and they are lockable and seems that they have everything I will need to keep a nice little personal grow going. They aren't exactly cheap but it's a long term investment and It's not going to break me so that's what I'm going with.

    So I have I narrowed my choices down to a few cabinets:

    First one is the Supercloset Deluxe 3.0. Looks nice, they say it has thick powdercoated steel and I like the stacked feature. This system uses a 400watt HPS/MH and seems to have a nice DWC system. I'll have a separate area where I keep a mother and clones so this looks pretty nice.

    Next up is the Yielder Pro XL from Cabinetgrow. This is the one I'm most interested in at the moment. To me it looks like the supercloset but nicer. It is also double chambered and uses DWC both top and bottom. What I like about it better is it is a 600watt with a nice hood, the entire inside is covered in mylar and the outside handles are recessed. I also like that it has wheels for easy access to the controls in the back..

    Last but not least is the Bloombox V3.0 from bcnorthernlights. It seems to have a good rep, is super clean looking and looks very automated. Downside is it's not too stealth and I'm assuming it's more expensive than the other two.

    Supercloset and Cabinetgrow are both in California within reasonable distance so pick up would eliminate shipping. So there it is. Anybody with experience with any of these I would appreciate your opinion.

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    my opinion? none of them. if you have a family you shouldn't throw a cabinet in your garage and expect nobody to notice....just because it looks like a cabinet in your garage it wouldn't sound or smell like a cabinet in your garage. not to mention, all of these cabinets I wouldn't grow more than a single plant in. MAYBE two, if I didn't veg at all. and at 2k apiece, you could do something much stealthier, and much more efficient at half the price.
    otherwise I've heard the supercloset is a good deal. I wouldn't use that hydro system though, you couldn't grow tomatoes in those tiny ass netpots, let alone cannabis.
  3. Well, while I can understand what you're saying it doesn't have to be completely, perfectly quiet and smell free. I do understand that there will be some smell and noise. Nobody really ever goes in the garage except me and it's actually not attached to the house. I am curious about your recommendation on plant amount. Why one or two plants? Would you SCROG them? I have seen pictures of good results from having around 8 short plants in the same size tent (2x4). People seem to be able to pull 8-12 ounces w/ a 600watt and good nutrient. Not that I'll be able to do that right off the bat of course. Thanks for the feedback.

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