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  1. Ok so this will be my first indoor grow and Im gonna build a grow cabinet and I want to be able to have 6 plants vegging and 6 flowering at the same time. So how big do I need to build this box for that amount of plants and another question I have is if im using CFL's how many do I need and what type for flower and veg?
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    You don't want to use CFLs for that size grow op. Maybe for the veg space, depending how long you want to veg them.

    For the flower room rule of thumb is 1 sq ft per plant, so roughly 2x3 footprint and at least 4' tall. Match that nicely with a 600w HPS air-cooled. If you try to do six flowering plants with CFLs you will need a bare minimum of 17 of the 23w CFLs (100 "replacement watts"). All that wiring and hanging each one, you'll still end up with heat issues with that many, and you will be delivering less than half the lumens of a single 600w HPS. Your harvest won't be nearly as good in quality or quantity. You will be much happier to get a single HPS, set it up right, and fuggedaboudit.

    For the veg room depends how long you want to veg. Why not set up a perpetual harvest -- keep one or more mothers, take clones, possibly veg them a little while, then pop them in the flower room? You could stagger them so that you are harvesting one plant about every 10 days.
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    Sounds great man will do exactly what your saying, but im kinda straped for cash so I don't think im gonna be able to afford the 600w HPS, what would be the next best thing that won't cost so much. And thanks for the info man.
  4. What if I used 1000 watts of CFLs.
  5. You'll find that dollar for dollar HPS is cheaper than CFLs and has better light penetration.

    I'm using 150w HPS and wish I would have gone to 250w. In terms of light size it all depends on your goals....are you looking for a little (oz or so) or a lot. Point is you can get results with as little as 150w, but thats a starting point. Keep in mind more watts=more heat to deal with.

    Height.....4' is wise (toastybiz always has good advice)'ll run out of room if you don't scrog or lst. I would go 5' or 6' and plan on mounting your light so its adjustable (ie. hooks and chains).
  6. Yeah I was thinking of going 5' just to be on the safe side combined with LST and SCROG with some of Kyle Kushmans tips to keep plants short, and i'm looking to try and get atleast an ounce or two from every plant. Another question I have is where do I find a ballast for the HPS.

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