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  1. I'm on a slight budget but I wish to use thithis cabinet I have in my garage (pictures attached) in which I want to set up a CFL grow op. I was planning on using the following set up:

    -LST/Bent mother plants & veg on the top horizontal shel
    -clones on the bottom left shelves
    -flower on the bottom right cabinet
    I was wondering what suggestions you guys have for ventilation and hanging the cfls in there. I already know to clean it very well and seal it up so no light leaks out, but I'm not making a move until I have all my supplies. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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  2. You sound very new (no offence obviously). You can't be having multiple mothers if your flower space is 3 cubic feet, the logistics would not work. Try just growing a plant from seed and flowering it out before you go crazy. 
    I don't know your budget but try to get a ~200 watt HPS/MH and grow 1 or 2 plants in there. There's no point stretching your budget to the point where nothing is done well.
  3. I agree with that it sounds like a aweful lot going on in one cab. Maybe strip that cab for veg/flower and find another for the other. More space yield.

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