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  1. Ok here is what I got so far and I am up to building the doors. I am not sure what type of doors to make/buy. I could just buy some closet doors like the sliding or folding kind, but I was kind of worried about light getting in/out of them. I could make my own in just about any way. I was thinking about doing it like shed doors (2 doors) with a space in the middle (12")and on each side (6"). Dimensions are 3'x6'x6' , i will probably only start start 6 or so plants, but I hope to fit more, I would like to eventually seperate it into a flower room and a veg room. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! BTW this is my first serious attempt at a grow.

    I will be using:
    6"" inline fan for the ventilation (vent goes staright out chimney, think I'll need something for smell?)
    fresh air vents at bottom (still working on getting air in but not light)
    2-3 400W HPS (is this enough for 18sq ft.)
    i have window a/c unit if needed
    It is all painted flat white, but I may put up mylar instead
    oscillating fan

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  2. i dont know if you'll be able to fit 3 lights in there and be able to vent all that heat...

  3. Maybe I will only need 2, at least I hope so. The space is not the big so 2 400W MH/HPS should do it.
  4. I think for 6 plants you could get away with only 1 400w hps. And if you still wanted more light, just get a 600w one.
  5. anybody got any idea about the doors, I might do them tomorrow

  6. If you are thinking this, know that there are some dual 600w ballasts out there. A single ballast that runs two 600w lamps.

    This might be a good solution for you. A rule of thumb is 50w per sq ft. For 18 sq ft that's 900w. Dual 600's would give you better coverage than a single 1000w.

  7. i have pretty good experience using white,black plastic, i then install a zipper that can be bought at just about any hardware store or grow store. usually have to put a layer or 2 of plastic over the zipper to make it totally light proof


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