Grow Cabinet Blueprints *pic* need suggestions

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by jimmy2k, Apr 24, 2010.

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    So this is the idea of it. Its a giant armoire with wooden doors that swing out. There are 4 doors that open.

    -All the intake and outake fans will be PC fans, mostly smaller than 120mm. They will all be connected to a 2amp powersupply in the main cab.

    -All power plugs will be inside the main cab. There will only be 1 chord exiting the cable which will be the plug for the surge strip inside.

    -My inline fan is only a 4" 80cfm booster. Is that enough?

    -I have the carbon filter setup like that because there is not enough room to have the fan and carbon filter at the top of the cab.

    -The whole cab is going to be lined with sound dampening matt (suggestions?) and then on top of that I put in 6mil white/white mylar. I also have reflective tape to tape all the edges.

    -I have run weather stripping around the cracks on all the doors on the front.

    -I need a way to lock the cabinet completely so no one will try to go in it. The wooden doors are only about 1" thick so I don't have much room to put some kind of lock there that isnt so obvious. Any suggestions for a non obvious lock that people wont go "uhh, why is there a padlock on your armoire in your living room?"

  2. Could you make some sort of a lock and key for the armoire? Maybe and old fashion one or a filling cabinet one?
  3. Look at this cab. Pretty similar to yours. Scroll down the post and you will see which ones Mechanibus used. If you want tamper proof instead of break in proof, then these would work pretty well.
  4. wow, going to get 6 of those. They will work perfect.
    2 for each door panel on top part (1 on top and bottom of each panel)
    1 for each door panel on bottom.

    Anyone have any suggestions to prevent light from getting into each area from those vents without blocking the airflow?
  5. Take a look at his entire build of the cabinet. Might have to go back a few pages or it might even be on the same page or a couple after. But, he shows you how he does it.

    Here is somewhat of an example. Of course you would have to cut a slot into eath shelf where this mounts to. intake maze.jpg

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