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    I have a ward closet measures 48'' width, 20" depth and 71" tall. I will be using a 250cfm inline fan with a carbon filter and venting thru a 400w light. I am going to drilling prolly a 6 inch hole in the bottom for intake. Cover it from the outside with a speaker cover. I was going to use an intake fan but was told if you are using a big inline fan fpr exhuast you shouldnt need a intake fan and it will waste power. So should i build 2 6 inch holes on the side of them cab or will just one 6 inch hole be good enough. I will cut 2 2 inch holes in the back for the plug wires to run thru with some grommets. 1 or 2 6 inch holes and should i use intake fan or no? Also the fan im going to be using should work well right? a 250cfm inline for a closet with a 122cm. Thanks for all your info. Also i plan on using a 400w hood cooled light. Should i step up to cool tube or stay will getting a hood cooled reflector. Heat will be a issue as its summer and summer temp outside can get to 110.
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  3. Come on guys 19 looks and no one knows any of these question. Please help me out
  4. my cab is a bit smaller then you and i'm using a 4" inch vortex rated at 172 CFM through a homemade 4" carbon filter. temps don't get above ~75 degrees F, but its not that hot out where I live.

    I would actually make the intake a little bit smaller if i were you, if you make your intake too large you will start to lose backpressure. not to mention if you are just using a standard cabinet/wardrobe/whatever that you buy from a store its not going to be air tight anyways, and you should expect air to also intake through the cracks in the doors and other random places.

    as far as the cool tube goes, i think temps inside your cab will be fine but if you grow your plants too tall and need to move your light closer then a cool tube would be a good investment

    i'm using a 250 w HPS for reference
  5. Thanks for ur input, how big do you think the intake hole should be keeping in mind i will have 2 2 inch holes cut for cords to go thru which will only be about 1 inch with grommets

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