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  1. ok im looking to grow maybe 5-10 plants. I was thinking just like a 2x4 flouresent light and those big plastic pots. And ik soil is about 5 bucks a big. I was just wondering how much i would expect to pay at home depot, how many bags of soil i need and if my lighting will be good for 5-10 plants. Any help is much apprieciated my fellow tokers.
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    Copied from your other thread.

    No it will not grow 5-10 plants if you are talking about the 4ft Floros
    I have 4 4ft 40w T12 6500k bulbs just for veg and grow about 5 under there at a time with good success

    And another 4 4ft 40w T12 2700k for Flowering.
    With a few CFLs throw in

    Also as for soil, You need to watch what you pick up.The Miracle grow time release soil can over fert your plants and kill them.Go for a plain bag of potting soil with no ferts in it, add some perlite also with no ferts,and look for some worm castings,I do a 1/2 soil and 1/4 perlite mix 1/4 worm castings (if Im not going all organic, which for that requires Blood and bone meal and/or Bat guano)

    As for prices I paid 10 bucks for a 10 pound bag of warm castings at my local home depot.
    The soil can range also.
  3. wait so you need 4 4ft fluros for 5 plants?
  4. To say "need" is incorrect.

    Id say I could probably use more light.
    As the general rule is 100watt for 1 plant and 50w for ever plant after the base 100watts

    I have 160w over 5 plants.
    Also not to mention the bulbs are 4 foot long meaning only 10watts per foot.

    I should have 250w at least to be in a close range of the rule of wattage per plant.
    But at this point the plants do grow under the lights and decently well.

    If I were you and your serious about growing something that is Illegal invest some cash into 6 23w CFLs and the bulbs you have now and see what you get, CFLs and the T12s floros work well together and do grow weed plants.
  5. Wow this is fucking tough shit. Would anyone mind sending me a link to like homedepot or lowes on a good fluro.

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