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  1. Any time mengle, i hope your seeds are fem seeds, although not very expensive, using co2 for a plant that turns out male and is useless is a huge waste. 24 hr light is a must and a great idea, if you want a short bonsai like mine, wait until you get your first set of fan leafs with 5 leafs, usually the 4th node then top it young. keep to the co2 regimen use as many cfl's as you can cram around it. and keep the grow space small and controlled 4'X4' is perfect size, wrap whatever you are using as a container or box in trash bags and duct tape them air tight with the exception of the in and out vents. and you should do fine, but like i said, if your going to go through the trouble, make sure you have fem seeds or get a fem clone. its a lot of work and effort to throw a plant away if its male.
  2. Anybody have any idea why pictures are no longer uploading? they are the same size and format as i have always used and it will not let them upload?
  3. This happens every 3 day holiday.Upped internet usage?? give it till stuff won't load either
  4. GrassCity seems to alwaysssss have picture upload problems at the worst times! Give it a few days, they should fix it soon.
  5. well a few days late due to upload issues, but here are some pics, 1 week into flowering. will try and get more next weekend. enjoy

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  6. 2 weeks into flower, dropped co2 levels to 900-1000 enjoy the pics

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  7. Mt i'm still experimenting. My fem $$ seeds didn't germ but i got some seeds from a friend and will germ those if possible. I'm sooo close to making this work. Got everything to match your specs temp wise and got good co2 production . I'm judging this by the humidity shifts on my thermometer as i don't have the co2 meter yet.I do have the tube tester stix but i'm not ready to use them until something is growing in there. GC notification seems to be out currently
  8. Good to hear Dr Mengle, glad you got it worked out. these next few posts ought to get you rather excited and motivated then, the co2 nurtured once bushy baby is turning into a gigantic bushy beast, pics are coming, and i counted 32 points where buds have started grow.
  9. 2.5 weeks into flower, buds are starting to grow, and it stinks soooooo good.

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  10. Buds are blooming quite nice, gave her a intensive soil flush in the tub, flooder her right out until the water was gushing out the wholes in the bottom of the planter. day after these pics she got her first molasses dose, turned out nice, pics after Molasses use coming soon.

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  11. As promised, pictures 1 day after the first dose of Molasses, i have always found it to be better then store bought bloom boosters, not sure if anyone is still following the thread, but if you want the recipe just let me know.

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  12. [quote name='"MTgreenbud"']As promised, pictures 1 day after the first dose of Molasses, i have always found it to be better then store bought bloom boosters, not sure if anyone is still following the thread, but if you want the recipe just let me know.[/quote]

    I would love that recipe!
  13. [quote name='"actionjacks"']

    I would love that recipe![/quote]

    Same here.
  14. Done, nice to know people are still following,

    Recipe is as follows,

    Take a 1 gallon jug fill it half full of hot distilled water.
    measure 2 tablespoons of Molasses (grandma's) or 1 tablespoon if your using blackstrap molasses pour it into the hot water.
    Measure out about a pencil eraser size little scoop of pure cane brown sugar, (ONLY A VERY LITTLE AMOUNT) and add it to the mix.
    Now for the part that make make a few squirm, measure in 1 tablespoon of urine, it is very high in potassium and phosphorus, this is not for the plan, it helps the microbes in the soil break down the molasses to be ingested by the plant.
    once all the above is in the half full jug of hot water, cap the jug and shake for 1 minute.
    uncap the jug and continue to fill the jug until full with room temp distilled water.

    Now for the important part, when using, this mix.

    Get a plastic cup, measure out 1/3cup of the home made fert. and mix into 2/3 cup distilled water, and water the plant, the reason for this is the concentration in the jug is too high for the plant, but the higher concentration helps the aminos break down the "food" in the bottle while it sits to make it more effective. only use this mix about 2-3 times a week if your watering every day, and presto homemade bud juice... Makes plants happy.

    Dont forget to rate and add rep.

    Thanks for following. new thread to come soon, started a tangerine dream plant yesterday under full co2
  15. Would you recommend trying this as a first timer?
  16. I'd definitely add rep if I had that option on the app I use. Thanks for the details MT, I look forward to using it and the organic tea recipe I got elsewhere.
  17. Mt haven't seen your grow in some time..i'm still following..haven't used the technique successfully yet but determined i'll only use it in my fishtank rig for the seedling stage..big slowdown has been viable seeds..0 for seeds on the way direct from breeder and intend to use the back with a pic for you when i get them in the nu year

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