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  1. I will do that, but wouldn't it work without the tube? like everytime I shake the bottle...
  2. in my grow bag setup in a plastic bag sealed box i just drilled a hole in the top of each bottle and let it leak out into the space. you can use a tube into a cup of water to see when it stops working.
  3. Not going to get too much into writing. its rather simple. white bag reflects light, light creates heat. plastic bag allows control of air flow. controlling air flow means containing co2 levels. ect, ect,

    The plant has gained almost an oz of weight today. (weighed on a scale every day before watering to keep a control) most branches has grown 1/2", with the exception of the parent leafs most the new foliage has doubled in size today.

    so on and so on, check out the pics.

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  4. Was looking through different gardening websites and came across Lithovit Natural CO2 Foliar Fertilizer. Which claims to make an improvement of up to 50% on yield and work on any type of plant. Has anyone tried this or something similar? I've managed to build a co2 delivery system using a regulator and a soda stream gas bottle. I will have to get my head around the mathematics and dispense the correct amount. I would like to think that I'm not the first to try and it would be great to hear from others about it. Being disabled I like to find the easy ways of doing something. The concept of adding co2 to the environment is relatively new to me and I would like to stop doing it wrong. This thread has entirely changed my understanding (thanks MT) and I'm now looking for something. To measure the co2 level and do it the easiest possible way. Does anyone know of anything that will do the job well?
  5. clonedkewe: just buy a meter. your going to waste as much money as it costs to buy a meter trying to find other means of measuring levels. there like $100 - $200.
  6. Well, its official, she bushed out so much that it was shading most everything below the top fan leafs. so i had to tie her down. been on a huge growth spurt these past two days. she's almost doubled in foliage in the past 3 days. been trying to find a perfect harmony of co2 levels, so far looking like 1,500ppm is the trick. good nitrogen content in the water. and an ever so slight amount of potassium for nutrient delivery. about another 2 weeks like this then i will be starting flower.

    Pics attached

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  7. Well, this is becoming complicated, she is turning into a bush from hell. branches not quite long enough to lst, co2 is making her node everywhere. had to re-position lights everywhere. i think i am going to have to cut out the co2, move the lights far away and let her reach out a little.

    anyways, pics attached.

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  8. I'm hoping to get that kind of early growth got my seeds soaking right now papertowel tomorrow. Distilled wtr ...found it.$.99 a gal. The tank is clean and ready to go. I'm using my two freebie seeds for this experiment so we'll see.
  9. Lol, in case you missed the point of that last post. this kind of early growth is a little bit much. it will take a lot of lights at lower levels just to keep it lit. it has noded out all over the place. will have a great yield probably biggest i have ever gotten in such a short time. but the lower buds i dont expect will have the potency that i normally grow due to light issues.
  10. Not much time to write, but the pics speak for themselves. lots of nodes, lots of soon to be bud sites. switching to flowering on this sunday. enjoy the pics. feel free to ask any questions you might have. or rate / criticize anything you would like

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  11. She does look good, but you still say 16+ounces 1 plant? Ill have to wait and see, subbed!
  12. They do look like something I would be stoked to have going and I'm a tad surprised your changing the photoperiod so soon. Keep up the great work, it has made me address something I didn't even know I needed to prior. Have done a dummy run making your mixture and it's obvious when the reaction is taking place. Still too cold to make a start here, but with Skunk Haze (low THC and high CBD) I can't wait. Are really looking forward to seeing your ladies take off and it's my hope. That this thread keep going well after this crop is consumed. As its one of the better, thanks MT.
  13. Kushed, i am going to do a followup thread after this one for the yield, this plant suffered a tragic heat incident which set her back a bit. given her size i expect she will only yield 10-14 oz as she spent a full week fighting to get some life back in her after 120 degree heat for a day and a half while i was gone and my fan quit.

    clonedkewe: i will do my best to keep this thread up and going and do many followup grows. i think i am going to make an all inclusive DIY co2 thread and hope that it gets stickied so all the info from this thread will be in one, easy to find, all inclusive spot for everyone to have acess to.
  14. Nice job. That's actually an impressive growth rate for cfls, way to max out your resources bro :bongin:
  15. holy crap. wanna try whenever i move indoors!
  16. Well worth the effort. will have more pics in a few days. at the start of a 36 hour dark cycle to jump start flowering.
  17. Mt i've got everything up and running as per instrructions. My reaction lasted 3 days at which point i wasn't getting bubbles when shaken. I'm doing the bigger bottle mix you gave does this sound about right? My test subjects were freebie seeds that were duds last time and its looking the same again. Samsara seeds...

    Theres a problem with the cost of highly activated yeast as called for.In my store its $2.15 a 3pc i checked amazon ..nearly $4 ! I'm gonna hit some 99 cent stores and see if i can find it cheaper....$.97 makes sense ..$2.15 not so much. How ineffective is regular yeast? Can anything be done with baking soda? Are there any substiutes available that are low cost?
  18. All excellent questions mengle, first, regular yeast would work fine i would make sure your temp range of the bottle is closer to the higher end of the scale. it helps with regular yeast. also using regular yeast MAKE SURE that your grow space is air tight with the exception of the fan or venting.. In regards to baking soda. please dont waste your time with it, the reaction dosnt last long maybe 10 minutes and only produces minimal, in some cases non measurable amounts of co2. an alternative if money is the issue for you. 1. buy a small bulk container of highly active of course. and buy the cheapo grape juice concentrate usually 3 for $5. mix about 1 1/2 tsp <--- thats the little one, of the yeast and about 1/3 of a can of the juice concentrate with 1/3 cup of water. keep the temp around 84-86 degrees. shake regularly this reaction will last on average of about a week which will make your $15 investment last almost 2 months. NOW THE ISSUE WITH THIS. the natural fermentation will one stink to high hell after about 4 days. and 2 grow spores the second the temp drops. so if you do this 1. make sure you have plenty of filtration for air smell and 2. check the bottle daily, if the temp has dropped even once and you start to see the foam turn a greenish with white color DISPOSE OF IT IMMEDIATELY, and spray your foliage with distilled water right away and place a fan on the plant to dry the foliage in a safe manner. keep an eye on the plant and if you see the slightest sign of mold or fungus spores THROW IT AWAY. its up to you to weight the pros and con's but thats my 2 cents worth.
  19. Well the 36 hr dark period passed, switched to 12/12 light, bloom boost starts tomorrow, she is a bonsai plant to the fullest extent. only tied for 2 days shes quite a bush. less than a half inch between nodes on the main shoot. counted 42 nodes and 34 potential bud sites and only 11 inches tall. anywho, not much time to write, enjoy the pics. any questions feel free to ask.

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  20. Thanx for the info MT. I will stick with the highly activated yeast packets as it is the most effective, safe process. I'm in a studio and odor worse than the current rig is not going to work. Keeping it in the bathrm and fan going 24/7 has kept the odor manageable so far. The seeds are duds and i have started soaking others so i can start germing that time i'll mix another batch. What i'm trying to do is speed up the seedling once it has germed and goes in a rkwool plug...make it a squat dense seedling with roots showing in the first week or two ...rather than a lanky seedling. That's the theory i'm playing with ..i'll keep at it

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