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    I can respect your point of view. but the science is right on. weed will grow in most any conditions. but i see what you were getting at with that. yes people want dank over ditch. and promoting photosynthesis through light and co2 is what produces dank. that and a well developed strain. what i am talking about is a small scale 1 plant grow for a better yield. not a closet full of plants for an average yield. so many times you see people stick a bottle with sugar and yeast in a grow box thinking that it is helping, and the truth is, i barley raises the CO2 levels to 300 in most cases, the vent fans push it out as fast as it is made and a little bottle dosnt produce near enough to change that fact. dry ice is better on that scale but still not effective. target levels are 1300 to 1500 ppm in which to achieve on a large scale you need tanks, regulators and cycling fans which exchange air only every 2 hours. by reducing the atmosphere in the grow space you can control the co2 and humidity and light more effectively, i believe you were more focused on the principal not the concept of science. either way, everyone is entitled to their opinion.[/quote]

    Sounds like your on the Starship Enterprise and use advanced technology.

    Your busy doing things that are not done in organics.

    Do you have a tricorder and if so can I borrow it? What your saying goes right over my head, so did some of JC's Grow Bible.

    No opinions have been given or implied. I'm usually not focused enough on anything to have one. Unless its great food and I've got the munchies.
  2. Whats in the other bottle?
  3. Sugar, water, active yeast. add a little heat from the lights and you have co2
  4. [quote name='"MTgreenbud"']

    Sugar, water, active yeast. add a little heat from the lights and you have co2[/quote]

    I read that it's during flowering that increased co2 was beneficial.

    Is there any reason you have done all of that? Instead of using a candle or any of the other equipment available to add co2 to the environment?

    Budget is what holds me back. When I grow up, I want to have one.
  5. I like it that's why I love the DYI threads man stoners can Build something out of nothing! Great idea I was first told about yeast I was warned about over flowing (and it happened) big mess. With your straw running up hill that prevent that? Looks good I'm stubbed just to see the turn out!
    Happy growing.

  6. A candle creates heat, and leaves an open flame, also cannot be contained, as where natural fermented gas is easy to control, easy to direct with the straw as pipe, and one bottle usually lasts 2 days.

    Bag of sugar, $3
    Packets of yeast $.97
    Bottles, Free

    1,300 PPM of co2 for your baby.... Priceless
  7. bumppp ^

  8. actually its more beneficial to add in co2 during veg. c02 during that time will exponentially increase nodes and decrease stretch. theres a four day pic comparison on my diy thread in siggy of co2 during veg.

    i can tell you... i turned off my co2 for a few days in order to get my light chillers built. <--needed the a/c that i use to cool room to do it. so i didnt add heat with co2 during that time. and my plants immediately stretched a foot

    pissed me off. but i now know.... just how important co2 is on the veg cycle too.
  9. I feel your pain on that, had a perfect lil plant growing thick as hell, 5 nodes under 8 inches all contained in a 3 gal water jug bubble about 6 months ago. filled a 5 gal jug for co2 thinking it would last the 4 days i was gone and come home to read the meter showing i mis-calculated by a day, the plant shot right up to 16 inches and filled out the jug. was so pissed.

    Anyways, for those of you with the never ending questions about the yield in an 8X8 pot, i dont want to get all scientific or into explanation, but that sums it up. a large amount of nodes, and topped 3 times, top the first shoot, then top the two that grow after it splits the first time. i have managed to get plants to bud 2-3 large colas using this method and increased co2 levels. when the plant is done it looks like a bonsai tree, short, stout, and sticky.
  10. This is interesting, count me in. :wave:
  11. Sorry i havent posted in a few days, had some wild fires in my area and i was on call so i was gone for 2 days. will post updated pics tonight.

  12. the really sad part is half of the plants in that pic turned out to be males. a couple of them were by far the prettiest and fullest plants i have ever grown... or seen in person for that matter.
  13. Yeah, trying something new with this one. calling it bud in a bag...... just build a small box, 28X28X36, installed 2 CLF's and 2 small holes, one is 1" the other is 3/4" a small fan over the 1" hole and the 3/4 is for vent. wrapped the entire thing in a large clear plastic bag, and put two bottles in for co2. bought a new meter for tinkering, and viola. were in business.

    Found a few spider mites on the plant, put it in the bag/box. loaded the bottles and put the lights on them for heat. presto 10,000 ppm of co2 on no time. 2 hours later. not a bug to be found. lord i love co2.

    anyways, brought the levels back down to 1,500 ppm constant by regulating the air flow, hoping to be able to bush out a massivly short node filled plant out of this papaya. will post pics soon.
  14. MT what's Papaya like? It's a strain said to have medicinal qualities and there is an option of trying it. To me it looks better than most hybrids, but it's always good to hear opinions from those who know what they are on about. Last question and I'll go spectator on this thread. Will a small co2 candle work, if a small fan is blowing most of the fumes into the main intake. Of something likely less than 1/4 of the size you have mentioned.
  15. Papaya is a good strain for muscle tension and anxiety, it is a 80% body 20% head high, a quick grower and big yielder. as for the candle. it goes with all marijuana grows. CANDLES CREATE HEAT. you cannot contain the co2 enough to be effective. effective levels are between 1,300 and 1,500 ppm constant with a total air exchange every 2 hours. leaving a candle burning is a big enough risk. a bottle of co2 made from water sugar and yeast costs about $.35 and lasts for around 2 days. at max during veg you spend maybe $12-$15 for co2. its safer, more dependable, and more effective. the trick isnt having co2, its containing it to keep the levels up.
  16. This is terriffic idea and i'm going to apply it to my bubble cloner using a mini greenhose thats in the new Ikea catalogue .Picked it up today for $20 .Its fits my cloner deck and the chamber is already set up with led. With a little diy work on a new clone deck it'll sit on it nice and i'll make the panes air tight. It's made of metal and glass and comes unassembled perfect for diy. The size is 17 3/4''x 8 3/4''x13 3/4''. I'm thinking 2 for this size. Too much you think? I'll drill 4 holes and cap what i don't use and do some serious bending. My question is what do you use to test your co2 levels and is it expensive.I've been doing hydro very long time and if you don't have the right test gear you can be screwed big time. I have co2 in my veg/ebb&flow dwc chmbr. I only use it the first week or two to establish plnts after that i run during days with the doors open for the duration of veg then they go in flowering chmbr. Its modular so you just put the whole clone deck into the next chmbr (veg) easy peasy. Thanx for the inspiration ....i was so bored and i needed to get my build on after watching Needa and Jakersterjammin havin so much fun building their chiller. I got this Needa i'll post pics .
  17. I get me co2 meter from here CO2 Meter | Carbon Dioxide Meters, Sensors, Monitors, Data Loggers - Welcome i dont know if it will let me post a link but i'm about to find out. the biggest issue is ventilation. to use co2 you need higher heat, and a lower air exchange rate. an air tight seal with a small fan and i have a timer for mine, it turns on for 15 minutes every 2 hours. just watch your co2 meter, you want it to go no higher than 1,500 ppm and no less than 1300. when it cycles you want the co2 to drop to around 160-250 (normal air) then shut off, if your co2 stays too high, find an adjustable micro fan and leave it going. just keep an eye on the co2 level.

    in other news my vent fan went out while i was gone for 16 hours yesterday. got back and the temp was 125, plant wilted and withered, a total heart break. putting her outside today to get some sun light and giving her fresh water, hoping it will nurse back to health from the high heat damage, not my best day, darn home depot fans anyways.
  18. This mixture of water, sugar and yeast. Is it mixed from three equal parts and does it matter which part is put in first?
  19. I have a couple questions. In the pictures the plant and co2 producing container are on level with each other. Ok now maybe these are dumb questions but would it be better to have the yeast container higher and have it sit in kind of a tray so that as it produces c02 it would go down the straw to the plant? Also is there a ratio of say plant size to how much yeast you mix? Sorry if those questions don't make any sense but I'm just wondering because obviously to much co2 can be bad.

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