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  1. A few of my friends have asked time and time again how i get my plants to grow so quick , consistent, and with such strong root structure so quickly. so i figured i would share my (i'm sure not original) but my own design of a grow bubble. the biggest complication i had growing in the past was controlling the environment in larger grow spaces, i.e. closets, box's, tent's, ect. once plants got larger. i use to grow them 5 at a time which was way more than i really needed. so when slowing down to growing 1 at a time from seed not clone i realized i had the opportunity to almost fully control the baby plants environment. Attached are pics of what i devised and it has worked like a miracle machine every time. used this same one for 4 grows now until the plants top 4 inches, and are transplanted. at which time i use a larger arrowhead 3 liter bottle which works until the plant tops 8 inches. (which is usually only two days from transplant)

    The bottle dome allows me to control CO2 levels, ensure they are kept around 1,300 thru 1,500 ppm. as well as maintain a consistent temp. my meter died last month, but i have done it enough to know the recipe for those levels. and temps.

    There is a square hole cut in the top of the bottle at an angle, it has a piece of ziploc bag taped over it but allows me to open and close the hole for venting, when i am home i have an egg timer set for 2 hours. i open the flap and the fan blows in complete fresh air and does a 100% exchange in less than 5 minutes. other than that with the holes in the side of the bottle and the mini fan it is a total air exchange every 5 hours according to the meter when it was working. when i am gone i set the fan on low and there is a total air exchange about every 3 hours with the flap open. i always use the same starter container for the seedlings, and quite literally let the root structure consume the cup. at about 4" the plants become borderline root bound. at which time i transplant them to their 8X8X8 planter where they spend the rest of their life. i repeat the dome process with a larger clear bottle over the plant until it grows out to the bottle dimensions. the roots take off when transplanted and the plant usually shoots right up to desired topping size in only a week or two once i take off the bottle. while under the bottle i feed high nitrogen food every 3 days and water once a day until the transplant, then high nitrogen food every other day and water once a day.

    As for light, weather you believe it or not i couldnt care. i am going to put an end to the decade long debate. starting with a very simple FACT........ Cannabis is a WEED, therefore it will almost grow to spite you. people spend hundreds of dollars a year in their garden to kill weeds because they are such survivalist plants.

    I have used almost every light out there over the years, spending thousands trying everything. LED, HPS, CFL, even used regular 100 watt bulbs before. truth is, the yield per plan has never been more than a few grams different, and i have grown hundreds of plants over the past decade. so take it for what you want, argue amongst yourselves if you like. but i trust the results of over 100 grows a lot more than everyone speculation.

    At current i use a 24/7 regimen of cool blue CFL's usually 23 watt when i find a good deal on them. 3,4,5 lights, dosnt really usually make too much of a difference, at times i will plug in one of my mini led strips with the cfl's just for kicks and giggles. again, dosnt really make too much of a difference. once i top the plant i usually stay on 24/7 for about a week still. then do a full 3 days of bitch black darkness with just the fan on (no co2). and by pitch black i mean, covered in a black trash bag with only 2 holes for air in and out. both holes are always covered with black foam. to prevent light. then i switch straight to 12/12 for light. last two days of veg i shut the lights off and whatever light that gets in the room is what they get. start of the final two days i do one final full flush of the root system. then harvest.

    So there you have it, my home made grow bubble system for better control of the plants environment, thinking about making a little bit larger "bubble" system out of lexan with the lights inside the bubble to avoid the diffusing of the light through the bottles. will post if i do and let you know the results and post pictures of the build.

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  2. I feel bad for your plants... Being abused like that.
  3. They don't feel bad for themselves.... they grow up quick and smoke smooth. fulfilling their life's mission
  4. I would love to see more pictures at the different stages of growth if and when you can.
  5. Pretty cool I suppose but in like 2 weeks it will outgrow that.
  6. i love it when peeps use their brain to come up with things on their own. its a little small scale for me but kudos none the less.

    i love it even more when those peeps are smart enough to own android phones. :d
    honestly... i think the two go hand in hand. tinkerers buy items that let them tinker.
  7. Sure, i will post more pic's next week, got a heavy work schedule this week. and yeah usually 2 weeks to out grow the 2 liter bottle. then another 2 weeks to out grow the 1.5 gallon water bottle. might even go so far as a 5 gal water bottle with this one. true it is very small scale, but to harvest usually about 3 OZ under to an OZ over a pound every 8-10 weeks on most strains like clockwork using the CO2 and bloom boost. i really dont need much more. i grow for myself. and do not sell
  8. ^ Whaaaat!?? :smoke:
  9. Was that a question?

    A few things i have learned from over a decade of growing.

    1. cannabis is a weed. it will grow most times to spite you
    2. producing 1300 to 1500 ppm of co2 in a large grow space is impossible for most growers.
    3. paying better attention to 1 plant yields more than trying to grow a bunch in a small space.
    4. believe it or not. plants DO respond well to calm music. (not that i do that any more) but we ran a study for 2 years on several strains and after 12 grows, plants that were played music yeilded over 2-4 OZ more bud than the normal plant when both were given the exact same growing condidtions.
    6. stunting a young plant to a root bound state for a few days to where growth stopps than transplanting it to a larger pot produces more yield as the root structure grows thicker and absorbs nutes more efficiantly.
    7. a 24/7 light schedule is the best for vegetative plants. and a 48-72 hour pure dark period between veg and flowering produces larger yields.

    anyways, if that was a question....... yes, it was not a typo, from 3oz under to an oz over a pound every 8-10 weeks is my typical grow for a single plant. but trust me, there is no way to do that on a large scale. or without TOTALLY controlling the plants environment. not even a grow box can be sealed tight enough to control CO2, O2, temp, and humidity, without spending fortunes.

    Take it for what you want. i worked in a lab that studied cannabis for the govt. for 5 years as a student and intern.
  10. 3 OZ under to an OZ over a pound every 8-10 weeks..
    Whats that mean? Yield 3 ounces under a LB to an ounce over a LB?

    Please document this grow, interested in this.
  11. What hes saying is a differential of 5 ounces of yield, I believe.
  12. Yes, differential in 5 oz of yeild. will post more pics tomorrow. been busy as heck these past few days. tomorrow should be the last day in the little bubble.
  13. Whats your final pot size and "bubble" ?
  14. I usually end with the 1.5 gallon bottle. and an 8X8 pot, i remove the Bubble for flowering, and use bloom boost. i think i am going to go a little longer with this one, and go up to a 5 gal water bottle, using a 3 gal bottle for co2 generation, just want to see if there is a cut off level for effectiveness of the rate of growth. i attached a pic my wife took about 36 hours after the other pics when i was changing the CO2 bottle looks like she's right on track, about an inch of growth per day, sprouted her second set of leafs. will try and get a pic tomorrow of her current growth. shes roughly about 5 inches already, i think she was about 2.5 inches in the pic from 2 days ago that is attached. i will follow up a lot more in detail on tuesday. thats my day off. will get more pics and more into detail on topping, how to and when to. ect. for those of you whom are following, thanks for the support. please dont forget to rate and add reputation points, every little bit helps. i will do my best to follow this papaya grow from start to finish for you all.

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    I'm no expert, but I'm no stranger to the plant.

    Your wrong saying it's a weed and will grow in almost any conditions.

    Stressed plants might look better than nothing to some. Most prefer dank to ditch weed and a good return for their effort. I checked this thread twice before posting. As it does not make that much sense to me.

    All I see is a few germinated seeds and some sort of Macgiver contraption.

    I look forward to seeing what comes next and it's great to see the recycling happening.
  16. I'm not really looking at it as a contraption. I remember building growers like this in elementary school. I think that it could be a good idea for use on my cloner. I have a mini type cloner and I'm thinking maybe hooking up a little co2 would be a cool thing to see if they root faster. I'm hanging around to see this thread.
  17. I'm with lowd ...i'll be following this thread as well. I got all the gear to build this in my parts box already if it works out. Please pardon that we are a little skeptical but this to me is like the quest to find the holy grail in Indiana Jones. ...high yeild in small space with little equipment and affordable to build...
  18. I like this idea but im thinking more for my veg time. If I can somehow incorporate this method before flowering is induced would kind of be like a head start or a few days subtracted out of the process.
  19. I can respect your point of view. but the science is right on. weed will grow in most any conditions. but i see what you were getting at with that. yes people want dank over ditch. and promoting photosynthesis through light and co2 is what produces dank. that and a well developed strain. what i am talking about is a small scale 1 plant grow for a better yield. not a closet full of plants for an average yield. so many times you see people stick a bottle with sugar and yeast in a grow box thinking that it is helping, and the truth is, i barley raises the CO2 levels to 300 in most cases, the vent fans push it out as fast as it is made and a little bottle dosnt produce near enough to change that fact. dry ice is better on that scale but still not effective. target levels are 1300 to 1500 ppm in which to achieve on a large scale you need tanks, regulators and cycling fans which exchange air only every 2 hours. by reducing the atmosphere in the grow space you can control the co2 and humidity and light more effectively, i believe you were more focused on the principal not the concept of science. either way, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  20. You're flowering in a 8" x 8" pot and yielding 13-17 ounces?..

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