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  1. Hey GC! New to the forums even newer to growing... have a couple of questions about finding good soil at lowes or home depot? and nutrients? the box is from the stealth modified with cfl's... (Would only load 2 pics)

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  2. i guess it put all 4... the website has changed i guess its called "the starter box".. i ask about lowes cuz theres no hydro stores in my area, and im to noob to mix my own.. THANKS ALL, and keep it smoking!
  3. I can't remember the full name, but it is Kellogg's and I think it is a yellow and black or red bag. But from what I remember it is a good price and is a good soil. I think they said you can also get it at Wal-mart. I would say maybe do a search on the threads to see if you can find it. I will look my self for you and if I do find if I will post the link on here for you to the thread! Good luck on the grow man, on suggestion I would do LST in that box if you weren't already thinking about it! peace:D
  4. any suggestions on watt for Lst?? and that link for the carmel grow is that same seeds im starting with.. so all you know would be gratefully appriceate( i suck at spelling)
  5. Ok sorry man really high right now. Ok few things I would do if not already done, and if you have already thought of it just forget what I am saying, hahaha. I would get some more lights, have them movable (up and down), and maybe so reflectors for the lights. Other than that, looks good, and happy growing man!:D
  6. Read my grow, it will give you some ideas. Most say at least 100watts pre plant. So get like three or four CFLs so get like the 23watt ones, JCJ has some good threads to help out. how many plants are you looking at ? Yeah anything you want to know just send me a PM on here. And just so you know the smoke is fucking good , good flavor, great aroma, and a really good high. Oh on nuets what I found Flora Nove Veg and bloom, work really good, but add in the Carbohydrate, and the kool bloom ripening formula, it will look great. But my first plant with just Flora Nova Veg and Bloom and TLC I got about 2oz, but trust me you want the ripening formulas for sure! Any other questions feel free to ask, also the So you want to grow Marijuana... That thread is good, post your question and get an answer in a day or less. And check out my whole first grow journal. Good luck man, and hey if you start a grow journal send me a link! I haven't heard of anyone else with the carmal seeds.
  7. The nutrents you can find at a hydroponic store, or just order from on-line, the full names and the numbers are some where in my grow journal if you fill like looking.
  8. thanks man!! i got the 3 cfl's in there 100 w equiv. on the ends 150 in the middle. i got 10 seeds going to germ 5 of the carmel and maybe a couple of the free ones. so i guess im going try to get 2 or 3 in there? how many more cfls u think? and i got the led 45 panel, i dunno about that tho... u want the seed bank name?
  9. alright that link you sent was great they got soil at walmart, so im going there 2morrow&i'll start the germ after.. i'll let you know,THANKS AGAIN!
  10. I would say get 3 more CFL's. If it is the bank I think it is, I got seeds from there too. The seeds I paid for were good, the free ones weren't as good. But good luck with the grow man! Yeah hope that soil works good for you.
  11. at what week would u start Lst? were would i put the other lights?? maybe like what i did ontop on the sides as well? how many plants are good for that box? so many questions.. i need to figure a way to suspend those lights or build a table for germanating
  12. Grow in a big ass rockwool cube, and try these nutrients i got. They are called supernatural Brand and like something aqua. Shit is makin my plant shoot hella quick.
  13. I would say two plants max maybe 3 with doing LST it also depends on the size of pots you use. I would say if you can use party cups first then transplant to say 3 gallon pots if it all fits. Dont forget they may or may not all be male or female, i don't know if you got feminized of not. But those are good numbers to start with, all my paid for seed germed in like 2 or 3 days with just putting them in soil. But the paper towel method works well too, the freebies took longer to germ or they didn't at all. Start doing LST right after the third or forth set of real leaves comes in, not the round looking ones after they break ground but after it gets some MJ looking leaves. You can look at some links on how to do LST. Here are a few links on lights, and LSTing. Gives you some ideas. LST:
    With the lights you need to have something that you can move so that you can get the lights close to the plants. Read some of the links, also this one,

    Those should get you going pretty well off. Again any questions feel free to ask I will tell you what I can and tell you where you can probably get answers if I don't know.:D

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