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    Just dug out an old stereo cabinet & am working on turning it in to a grow box

    Planning on wrapping & stapling reflectix around the whole thing leaving a front flap/door
    Attaching the lights to the shelf {in the middle of the pic} since it's adjustable
    There's peg holes all along the sides
    That way all I have to do to raise the lights is raise the shelf up a notch
    Going to cover the shelf with reflectix & not use reflectors on the lights to save space
    There's holes already up the back for the fans & power cords / Vents

    2X2 wood frame / Glass on wood bottom / Glass top & shelf
    21in wide X 15in deep
    28 Tall from floor to highest pegs / Could go taller if I remove the shelf & attach lights to the top
    Timer & power strip set up in drawer

    Lights~ 4 to 6 150w rated {40w} CFLs / 2600 warm white
    {4 = 10400L / 5 = 13000L / 6 = 15600L}

    2 4in fans

    Setting it up to grow 4 Himalaya Blue Diesel X Critcal {autoflower} in 2gal pots / Soil / Organic
    Being stealth isn't a concern / Have my own place / Under my legal grow limit in CA

    So other than better lights any thoughts ideas suggestions??? Comments???

    Thanx & Happy Growing

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  2. I think its cool. I like how its off the floor. The holes might need to be bigger for more air flow.

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