Grow Box Update w Pics

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  1. Okay we're 14 days on 12/12. Have ended up with 10 females out of the original 20 babies. Five are in the box and the others are being fostered out.
    I did'nt LST from the beginning because of not knowing sex and room restrictions.
    So now we have the final 5 females and I've set up a SCROG/LST.
    The idea being I don't have room to tie them down all over the place, so with the grid I'm effectively training them without strings.
    They were repotted just before the rig was set up and may still be acclimating, but are responsive and don't take longer than half a day to straighten up to the lights after being tucked. You can see we have nice bud sites, lower branches are coming up to grid level.
    It's daily fun to arrange and help them along. Now using FF Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Repotting used some Jiffy soil with perlite, vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss for a nice airy mix.
    They are under 4 CFL 150/42s and 2 100/32s, temps are low 80s and I will add new intake vent this week to lower it a bit.
    It's hard to just tend a little and otherwise just watch, but I've learned to not over anything, and let them work on their own.
    Comments, tips?

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  2. Damm, nice lookin plants man, ive been seein alot of scrog lately. It makes sense to to do it though (maximize plant growth for limited space). Very nice though

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