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  1. I am in the process of building my grow box from scratch in my closet. This isn't a how to guide but hopefully my inventivness will inspire someone to make such a stealthy system out of scrap wood and scraps found around everywhere like i have.
    i started off with my light of course. I found two table lamps that had two sockets each and dismantled them and wired them together so the wires went to only one plug. they had tubing with threads and bolts so i ran the wires through them upwards and mounted them side by side on a 24 in piece of wood. screwed looped eye screws to the top and hung it with shoe string. later i cut panels out of masenite i found on the back of a broken bookshelf into angled sections and glued reflective insulation to them. mounted them to the 24 in piece of wood and walla a light with a reflective hood. i put 43w 3000k CFLs in the sockets and they're bright as fuck! Next i measured up 54 in from the floor in six spots on the back walls of my closet.( its a walkin about 8ft deep.) and i screwed scraps of 2x1.5 inch wood to match up with those marks horizontally. I measured and cut a piece of particle board to fit on the top and rest on the scrap wood i screwed to the wall 54 in. off the floor i cut out a 6.5 in. circle in the back right corner and fitted a 6 inch clip on fan by taking the clip and front grill off then screwing it in place from below. i built a box with 3 open sides to fit onto the top over the vent fan and fitted some dryer ducting to a big plastic jar and cut off the bottom. i fitted it into the little box filled in all cracks with spray foam insulation and cut a 4.5x4.5 in square in my ceiling and ran the ducting through there. right now i just have blankets drapped over the front with another small fan blowing new air on my plants. i still have a few items left to get to make it totally complete but so far the plant i have now is loving it. i'll post pics once the construction is complete. and let me know what you think. till then heres a pic of my only child at 4 weeks old still undergoing it's homes construction.:smoking:

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  2. whatup man

    thats cool to keep it low budget but i doubt u can stay in this range
    ull need to buy some good light for flowering
    i guess ur not just a grower but a smoker too)))
    so if u wanna smoke some ull have to change it from growbox under 50 bucks to like 150 bucks.

    your baby looks perfect man
    when one can grow such plant under those conditions that proves
    he got skills

    good luck
  3. Yeah i know that the lighting is gonna need some work here soon but since she's veged out nicely im going to switch those 43w bulbs out with some 105w 2700k standard bulbs. those are 15 bucks a piece so it may go well over 50 bucks but so far my only cash investment is 13.50 for the good soil and 16 bucks for bulbs everything else is free99. And this isn't my first plant so i have a trained green thumb and ive done my homework so be ready to see pics of some frosty nugs in the weeks to come. I'm just keeping her short and simple for now until i can invest in a nice HID. I'll still use my cfl for either clones or supplimental lighting so they're still usefull to me. thanks for the compliments yo keep em comin!!:metal:

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