Grow box This Size.... plan Ideas?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by krmass25, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. 66 inches tall
    22 inches wide
    44 inches deep

    Thinking of having one end be able to fully open. I have a very nice hood for the lamp but it takes up some space.. Going with the inlets for air at bottom and two outlets at top with fan pulling through. Ballast and electronics are going in seperate box on shelf above. Painting the inside white. Not going to hae a mother space as this can be made elsewhere and I think I will need all the clearance possible to fit the plants with a lot of head room and not too much heat. Any ideas or similar sized setups? Thanks guys:hello::smoking:
  2. That should work real well. I have less height and about the same footprint but square rather than rectangular. Use LST and your height will be fine, even with the hood.
  3. i agree with lst you could pull it off and probly have 2-4 plants int here depending on the pot size, and aslong as you have powerful enough fans im sure you can keep the temp down.
  4. Sorry If I am new to this foruma nd I dont know the lingo yet here. lst =? and I was planning on using a 25 gallon roughneck and designing a strong pvc manifold to use with the black with blue head type spray nozzles to make an 8 plant system. I have a strong mag drive pump to use and a ton of the little 3 inch net baskets. what do you think?:rolleyes:

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