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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Blix, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Here's what I've been thinking about for a grow box when I
    start growing. Tell me if I'm wrong, please.

    I'm thinking about a 3' X 3' X 3' wooden enclosure with nine
    High Output Compact Flourescents in the 55W to 65W range.
    Five in a star pattern bolted to the ceiling, and one bolted to
    the middle of each wall about half way to two thirds of the
    way up.

    I'm going to primarily be growing the Low Ryder strain, but I
    want to have the capability to grow indicas as well.

    The inside of the grow box will be painted flat white. The
    grow box itself will be in an out building which has it's own
    breaker box, so power shouldnt be a problem.
    I'll have a still fan exhausting air out the top corner of the
    box, out of a light trap. I will also have a light trap in the
    opposite lower corner to bring fresh air in.
    I will have two oscilating fans in the opposite upper corners
    blowing lightly over the plants themselves.

    All joins will be sealed with caulk, or weatherstripping for the

    That's all I can think of at the moment. If I've missed
    anything, please tell me. Thanks.
  2. Actually, I think I'm going to buy a dresser and convert it.
    Much easier, less expense, less lights, and I might even
    invest in a HPS and a MH. Nah, I think I'll stick with the
    HOCFs. Less worry about heat problems.

    Just saw one on Overgrow that got mentioned in a post in the
    grow journal section and nearly died with joy. So obvious, but
    I didn't even think about it.


    (Edit): Or a tallboy.
  3. dresser idea sound better... your gonna want tons of CFLs in there... need more than 50w per sq. ft. with flouros to make up for the lower intensity... find NIMBYs post on OG for his dresser conversion... its well done.. ;)
  4. Yeah, I'm still considering getting a MH and a HPS in there.
    How many watts would I need? I'm thinking about maybe
    having the lights on manually adjustable tracks so I could
    raise or lower them to the height they need to be at.

    Lets see if this works.
    I hope the picture loads, but this is what I'm talking about.

    And this may be years off. Gotta convince my mom to let me
    grow. Should be no problem. And I'm not doing it while my
    father is alive. He was a substance abuser for a long time,
    so I'm not subjecting him to a grow going on around him.

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  5. I think I'll start off with a 400W HPS. After all, I'm starting
    with the Low Ryder strain, so I don't need to worry about veg.
  6. that space is too big for a 400 and not tall enough. I woul dmake a 2x3'x4'tall box with a 400. Screw cfls, there only good for micro setups.
  7. yeah man, any type of hps light in that hight ill need good ventilation... and besides... if your parents are gonna let you grow then why not have a good box that can be like a peice of furniture ya know?..... just build yourself a decent size box///
  8. for a 400w HPS i would recomend at least 5FT, i use 6FT and that still needs very good ventilation

  9. Would you guys recommend a 250W in a converted dresser
    then? If you do, it'll save me money. I want good yield, and
    I plan on having good ventilation.

    BTW, is there such a thing as a six inch hole saw? Or should
    I just use a four inch one?
  10. yea a 250w would be great! I wouldnt bother with 6" ducting and vents, 4" should be more then enough for this sized grow. And drilling with a 6" hole saw you need a powerfull drill anyways. Have one 4" fan blowing out and 2x 4" inlet holes at the bottom back wall.
  11. Cool. Thanks.

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