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    i have 20 gallon stoarge bin

    computer fan on inside

    cut out with computer fan for exaust

    2 lights 900 lumens 60watts each (1800 lumens all together)

    then i lined the bin with a emergency blanket i found in a first aid kit

    i set it up and let it run see wat my temps would be its 105F and 30% humidty

    i turned off one light and its 90f and still 30 % humidty

    i know i need like one more fan but how and i get my temp down and humidty up :confused:

    also on a budget

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    what kind of bulb is it, and just spray in there during veg or but a air stone in cup of water and im pretty sure your problem is because your using the wrong lights the halogen bulb dont do shit and there hot as fuck go buy some 3 dollar 14 w cfls or 24w are better and dont heat up at all,cool to the touch and goto home depot to get the socket to plug adapters and y extenders. its the only way you will need atleast 4 for the box

    also bigger pics plox

  3. op definitely go with at least 4x 24watt bulbs. you need around 100 watts for 1 plant and 50 more watts for every plant after the first.

    Another pc fan will help and just leave a cup of water in the box the water will evap and raise your RH

    what is your intake like?
  4. Hey man, you need more fans, exhausting the box, and more passive inputs (holes where air can come in.)

    Second, lumens don't stack, or add to each other. Two bulbs measuring 900 lumens, at a given distance, is 900 lumens, over a larger area, not 1800 lumens. Watts do stack, however.
  5. ya like i said hes using halogen bulbs or incandescent, look its s desk light, might seem like its bright enuff and it probley is to a point but not what your looking for cfl probley three times better
  6. i put a pic up i found them in my garge it said they were 900lumens or something they the bulb says phillps 120v 60w

  7. ya i searched it its a halogen just get some cfls
  8. yeah i got a 13w cfl and a 24w now
  9. is it better?
  10. yeah i got another pc fan to i pretty much upgraded every thing ill make a video of it and have it up tomorrow

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