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  1. Hey all - i've looked all over the net to answer some of my questions but i figured this would be the best place to actually get them and learn a little more from you growing veterans. Pictures will be included as well.

    Im growing 6 plants in a box, the dimensions are 18 inches across and 2 feet tall. I have 10 CFL's hanging from the top of the box. Here are some pics of my set up...

    The actual box when closed

    The ten CFLs (as you can see i was short one 6500 CFL so i had to throw in the day light version)

    Here are the two exhaust fans I hooked up and there is another intake fan thats hard to capture or i'd show in another picture

    Here is what it looks like inside the box. the plants are very healthy and have constant intake of fresh air and are growing like crazy!!

    My questions are, do i have enough lighting to grow those 6 plants or will I need more lights? Any ideas, suggestions, etc.. wouldbe greatly appreciated. I can wait to hear what you guys have to say. Oh by the way, i will obviously be topping and using the sea of green process. Thanks for your time everyone. im really looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!!

  2. Hi you should probably include your lamps wattage in your post. also pictures are not showing up on my end.
  3. Fattard (nice name lol) the pics are showing up fine for me. Im using the CFLs that are 26 watt equal to 100 watts.
  4. The temps stay at a steady 75-80 degrees and about 35% moisture
  5. Might just be me on the droid app and limited bandwidth :D
  6. bump bump bump

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