GROW BOX PROJECT (advice apreciated)

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  1. Here is a small grow box I just decided to throw together. Its a little less than 2'X2'X1.5. I plan on using 2 or 3 CFLs. I will probly just vent the box without fans. I want to grow LST or SCROG and will be using some bagseed. The plants will have 12'' of grow space from the top of the (3) pots. When should I go to 12/12 for that little space? yeild?




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  2. i am working with about the same amount of space. i think your deffinatly gonna need some fans in ur. i have 2 100w cfls in there and even they put out a lot of heat in such a small space. also, you might want to turn it if you can to give it more height. as far as flowering just switch right before you use up all of your space.
  3. Wouldn't I want space befor I flower since an average plant dubles in hight during flowering?
  4. Yes the plant grows 2x the height in flowering . Do you have 12" after you subtract the space of the pots and lights or just the pots? If you forgot about the space the light takes up then i would just flower and not veg at all. If you have 12" after the pots and lights then i'd veg till the plants 4" tall, then switch to flowering (12/12).
  5. 12'' is from the top of the pots to the top of the box. I will flower in 4 inches then.
  6. No no no no no.
    I've heard this one before, but from my own experiece :

    Plants HALT their vertical growth during flowering!

    Well, at least mine does, check it out if you don't believe me :

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