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  1. Hey guys, right now i'm working on my first grow...I built a little green house out of poly wrap, and i'm using all plants are still in veg, but i was wondering if i can switch to fluorescent indoor for flowering, or if nature will do the trick...Anyways, i was thinking of building a grow box for 2 plants...i have a bunch of wood, some 80mm computer fans, a fan controller, a 450W power supply and 4 compact fluoro's....i plan on running the fans and the controller off the power supply...but i was wondering if i could run a 12v to 240v/150W inverter off the power supply's 12v rail, and run the fluoro's off that too, and just plug the power supply into the wall...anyone ever seen this, or tried something like it??
  2. You have to remember to look hom many amps that power suppler can handle it might put a high watage but only puts out a little towards amperage. I just looked at the book for my PS it is a Antec True Power 430 and it puts out 26 amps at +12V and only 1.0 amps ant -12v.
    you might just end up burning out your power supply.
  3. 25 amps on the +12v rail and .8 on the can it be done?? these compact fluoros are rated for 4 would only be .8 amps, correct??

    And this power supply is garbage anyway, i took it out of my case, and replaced it with an enermax liberty if it burns out it's no big deal...
  4. How do you run a computer fan without a computer lol do you need liek an adapter
  5. You raw wire it, its pretty simple. You can go to your local hardware store and pick up the right voltage Raw Outlet extension that will hook up to certain apliances.
  6. well actually i'm trying to run the entire box off a 450W power the fans will run directly off's the fluoros that are the tricky part...
  7. You should only need 1 fan.

    As for CFLs a 26 watt CFL produces 1600 lumins.
  8. I live by the rule: if you have intake, you must have exhaust, and if you have exhaust you must have i'll be using 2 fans :) And for lighting i was thinking 4 15W compact fluoros....
  9. Just make an exaust duct for air to leave. You dont have enough Plants to need two fans.

    Grew with my roomate for 7 cycles and only used one fan. Yield was always high grade dank.
  10. thanks for the input guys, but the lighting issue still needs to be resolved...
  11. I'm sorry I'm confused. Is your lighting question about sunlight vs. fluoros or is it about how to wire fluoros into your indoor electrical design? If the latter I can tell you right now I'm sorry not to be able to help you, I don't konw about those kind of technical details.
  12. no no's about the fluoros...and i was wondering if it was ok to switch to fluoros for flowering or say fuck it and start new plants in the grow box...

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