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  1. So I live with an old step dad of mine right.. Well since I'm living at his house I gotta follow his rules and one of those was no growing cannabis.
    Well while talking today and said he wouldn't care if I grew outside in this one area though. It gets a very limited amount of sunlight, and tucked between 2 sheds. It's really hard to describe honestly. I will post pictures of the area in the morning. 
    Butttttttttt because of the lack of sunlight I decided it would be best to create a grow box. I work construction so that wouldn't be an issue. But would a grow box outside be an issue with temps?
    Also grow box would probably be around 4 feet tall and 3 maybe 4 feet long. 
    First time growing and really attempting to learn so bare with me :laughing:
    Thanks for the help Blades and Bladies.
    You stay classy Grasscity :cool:

  2. Depends on the size of the box and the light and your average outdoor temps. It's possible but it would be quite difficult to regulate temperature because you would need fresh air to flow in so take that into consideration. What materials are you using to construct the grow box?

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  3. The box it self would be made out of 3/4 inch treated plywood. Real strong wood. Is there something that would be better?
    The average temps during the months I'll hopefully be growing is around 75 to 90 as the weather warms up. Very humid as well.
    Note: Smell is a HUGE issue. I will maybe get several carbon filters to make sure there is no smell.
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    You might need a bigger box because your box is going to be running higher temps than your outdoor weather keep it shaded try to grow during spring after danger of last frost just to be safe. Smell shouldn't be too big a concern since your outside and smell tends to dissipate quicker unless you have real close neighbors. Start with one intake fan and exhaust and just work your way up to more if you need em. Just imagine grow box same way you do as your house, imagine if you didn't have all those fans blowing a/c during summer. It'll be one hell of a hot box. That's why many people plant trees next to house for natural shade and lower cooling costs.

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  5. Just realize, if it's 90 degrees out your box is going to be running hotter than that so best to grow when temps won't be higher than mid 70's

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