Grow box noise.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Berry, May 31, 2009.

  1. I just wanted to know how loud your grow box is if you have one. I am still perfecting mine but right now it is pretty loud. It is mostly the noise made by my 120mm pc fan. Are there any tricks I could use to insulate or muffle the noise from my fan?
  2. well i cannot even think of using a lil PC fan..i have 1000W HPS that could heat the upper half of the house probably if i didnt vent it outside...and even then it still give off a bit of my room has a floor fan 24/7 plus fans for my light..but the only noise i hear is the floor fan...imy other fans are inline duct fans which are very very quite and only about $25 at homedepot for a 250 CFM...hooke right up to your 6" ducting, so it's almost like plug-n-play! LOL
  3. I just hooked it up to a 5V adapter instead of a 12V, it is almost totally silent now and is still moving alot of air, I think I'll invest in an adjustable one tomorrow that way I can zero in on just the right noise level to air movement. I have a thermometer in there with the plant so I'll just check the temps to see if it isn't moving enough air.
  4. Quiet
    Moves a lot of air

    Pick two ;)

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