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  1. HIGH ALL!!!! ive finally started to gather material to start to build my grow box. im planning on running 6 plants with 2 plants per storage bin under a 600watt hps along with cfls (cfls will be used for veg). now my question is what should i use to build this box so its not a fire hazard? i was thinking about framing the box with 2x4s and then using drywall (green board actually so mold isnt an issue). does this seem like a bad idea? im just scared about using plywood for the interior.

    another question is wiring... im planning on putting a 20 amp in the box and running a new outlet dedicated for this. do you think 20 will be suffcient or no?
  2. oh and to add on this i will be running 3 bubblers, 4 fans (i think they are 80cfm) and 3 y connectors with 2 45watt cfl on each so 270 actual watts from cfls. it will also have a timers for lights but fans will be on 24/7
  3. You'll be fine with plywood or greenboard. If you use any lumber, get untreated lumber for the box. If you use greenboard, be sure to put a coat of primer and paint and tape and mud any areas where loose particles are to prevent dust from blowing. Any where you put a screw, mud over it. I built a wooden box for a cab grow originally and have had 650w in there closed and was fine for any fire concerns. I eventually decided that the box was no longer needed as I've dedicated two rooms in my house for this, one for veg and the other for flower. I build homes for a living, so my experience should be of help on this. Good luck.
  4. Also, may I ask why you decided on possibly using greenboard? It's not a fire-proof material if that was your reasoning behind using it. It's water-resistant but not waterproof. Just forgot to ask and add that bit of info in my last post.
  5. So I built an ebb&flow setup with a flood table and a wood frame. I was thinkin of building a grow box to contain the light and heat. What fabric material should be used for the outside? all I would have to do is get mylar and the black fabric and put it over the setup but i am unable to find what it is called.

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