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  1. I understand theres a section for grow setups, but mine is about lights.
    I'm really only using it to grow them a bit so I can transplant. So what wattage (cfl) am I looking at for about 2 seedlings (grow about a week or two)?

    And also, what light schedule is best for vegging the first few weeks. 18/6, or 24/0?


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  2. Well, just for further refeence, there is a lighting section as well. But no matter.

    I would reccomend about 75-100 actual watts for 2 plant. I have used 50w to grow a plant a month before i had to switch out my lights.
  3. Okay, and what do you think is the best light cycle
  4. Some say 18/6 or 24/0. I've heard that the dark period is when the plant focuses on rooting so by having the dark period is good to let the plant root. I like to do a 18/6 for 2 weeks and then switch to 20/4 or 24/0 and during the last week before flowering I go back to 18/6 and then 12/12
  5. I just do 24/0. Its like one long ass day for my plants. They seem to love it. Then 12/12 for flowering unless its a auto flower then you can just leave the lights on as they flower automatically.

    As for lights Buy the ones labeled "Daylight" for veg stage. You can tell that by there label of "Daylight" and there kelvin rating...look for 6500k or around that. When you migrate to flowering go with CFLs that are around 3000k. There labeled as well. You can get them at Home Depot/Lowes. Look for the 100w equivalent. They carry larger but alot of times at least here in Atlanta there outta stock. Easier to order the larger ones online.

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