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  1. OK so. when im lighting with cfl's for veg/flowering do i need 65/27 watts all together. meaning if i get 7 9 watt cfl spiral will this work for the veg state? and will 3 work for flowering?
  2. Cannabis will grow no matter if it's under 1 7 watt cfl or 100 7 watt cfls. These 2 plants will look significantly different however. Use the brightest and most of what you can afford and still keep your grow space cool. I once did an entire grow under a 14 watt walmart cfl. I believe I yielded about an eighth of an ounce. Smoked it in one blunt.
  3. Forget 9w CFLs, their light intensity is so low that only the parts of the plant within one inch of the bulb will get any real light. Use at least 3-4 CFLs of about 25 real watts each per plant.

  4. could someone just send me a link of wich bulbs to use and how many?
  5. How many plants are you growing? You want to shoot for at least 100 real watts of CFL lighting for your first plant, and at least 50 real watts after that. When I say real watts, I'm referring to the actual number of watts used to power the light - not the incandescent equiv. wattage. If the package says something like 26w = 100w, 26 is the number of real watts.

    As far as the specific bulbs to use, these will be good for vegatitive growth. Notice they are listed as 100 watt equiv. 26 watt CFL's. That means they are 26 REAL watts. They are also 6400k color temp, which is good for veg.

    For flowering, these will work well. Notice they word these bulbs a bit differently - "42 Watt - EarthBulb CFL - 150 W. Equal" - this means they are using 42 REAL watts. With a color temp of 2700k, they're exactly what you're looking for.

    If you have any big box stores (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc etc) in your area, I'd check there first. In my area, Target was having a sale on the 42 watt 2700k bulbs for $6/each, so I got them there. I ended up ordering my 26watt 6500k's online somewhere though, I can't remember the site. Search around, you can find a good deal.

    So those are some bulbs to get your thinking. Remember the guideline - 100 real watts for the first plant, and at least 50 real watts for each additional plant. Double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of wattage will not hurt anything - so long as you can keep your cab temps in check (low to mid 80's F is about the highest you want to go, if you can stayin the mid to high 70's F you're golden).

    EDIT: As toastybiz said, 3 or 4 25 watters per plant is a great goal.

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