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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cyberpunk85, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I am going to be building a grow box approximately 30"w x 22"d x 48"h. About how many watts and of what type of light should i use. The box will be sealed light tight with one 120mm computer fan for the exhaust outlet. I will have another hole at the bottom of the other side for air inlet. May do same in/out wit fan for light as well if needed. Just looking for some suggestions from some people that have experience with these type of grows. I was thinking maybe a 200w HPS but i don't know, i've never used anything but flouro lighting before.
  2. You could do a 250w HID in there, possibly a 150w, but you are going to need more than one computer fan to draw out the heat from a light like that.
  3. just use fluroescents and ull be fine
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, i think i will experiment with different types of lighting and see what works best once i get the cabinet built. By the way i currently have 11 plants still in the seedling stage, slow growth due to only having two 2' ott-lite fluoros. I will be buying another 2' 2-bulb ballast and two more 2' ott-lite bulbs. I would like to try out a nice 150w hps,:cool: because with some of the growth rate i've seen people have by watching their grow on forums has really made me want to go out and get one. I've been trying to take pics of my plants but i only have a cheap $20 Digi-Cam and it stinks. Keeps taking blurry pics or they come out with too much flash.:mad: Anyways, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.:wave:
  5. I had flouro's in a box like this.. 4 foot wide, 4 feet tall, and 1.5 feet deep. With a POS walmart fan I was hardly able to vent 10 flouros. Right now I have a 240 cfm van in there with a 400 watter with no problems.. stays 80 degrees while the house is 77

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