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grow box is too hot

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by bostondutchmast, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. when the lights are on it runs at about 90 degrees f. i have 2 exhaust fans and one intake fan. is there any way to get the temperature down? keep in mind this is a stealth grow in a 1.5f x 3.5ft box
  2. Well, thats 10degs cooler than mine lol...108 sometimes, its been thriving in that condition for about 2 weeks now, seems happy as shit in there, all perk & healthy looking. I'm wondering if the temp gage is busted lol. One thing I have noticed since I put the hps in there that got the temp up so high, I now have to water every day.
  3. what is your outside the box temp?if it is as high minus about 10 degrees there isnt much other than ac.
  4. 90 degrees shouldn't be fatal, but you are on the very high side of optimal.

    Generally speaking, your intake should be larger than your exhaust (some say twice as big)...sounds like you have the opposite.

    And yes, what are temps outside the box? More info would be helpful.
  5. I have heard if use zip lock with Ice in it and put it in a big sealed plastic container in grow box it should work I'll try the same as heat is my problem with 125 watt cfl grow bulb let me know ur out come and I'll do the same
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    03-27-2008 10:45 AM - Headless Hornet

    Today, 12:36 PM - KGthaDaper

    Have you realized this thread is from 4 years ago, and it was resting in peace...

    also, he most likely upgraded from that setup.

    just saying... :laughing:
  7. do 3 exhaust fans and make 2 passive intake holes?
  8. hay bro just trying help some 1 out next time I'll be on point with dates Peace....

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