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  1. Is it possible to gut a PC tower, run a flourescent light at the top, and use it as a grow box? This way, I can put fans where they already are, and go undetected.

    I would need a strain such as lowryder, so it could stay nice and small. Also, if it was near too big, I can transplant it outside after it has gotten pretty big. I wanna stay indoors for most of it because checkingon them at the baby stages outdoors gets suspicious to others.

    So, is it possible for a PC tower grow box? I am going to gut a few anyway, and maybe update this thread with progress if it can work.
  2. yes a pc grow will work, but probably not using floro's. I've read a few where people used 70watt - 100watt hps with a heatshield. They turned out some pretty good plants! 2 oz in a computer case isn't bad! The only trouble witha box is the heat and keeping it light tight. goodluck

  3. Here are some pics of what I just did:

    ( All the black is duct tape, a temp. solution to sealing off holes, cutouts, etc...)

    Basically, Thos little cubes wont come apart :( So, it leave me with two options;

    1) Put a pot ( container ) in the bigger one, and always keep my babies in the smaller one, and my current grow flat on the bottom, with a flourescent strip light at the top


    2) Flip it upside down, and mount more of a bulb-like ( round shaped) in the cube, and have a flat surface for the plants








    Major Edit!!!!: Could I somehow use those cubes as a thing for a hydro system?!?!
  4. Time to show off you metal working skills i'd say :

    drill out the drive bay!
  5. OF COURSE you could use fluoros... in fact, considering the size constraints you have, Id recommend it. Compact flouors are even better than your typical tubes... HPS gets better bud, but youd face considerable heat issues....
  6. but arent the leaves gonna press up against the walls of the box, isnt that a problem or something
  7. With different techniques, I can make the plant grow zig zag in the case
    to fit in it very well. Remember, this is only to get it started. After a few weeks, she would go outside.

    Also, someone please look at my thread for the lighting

  8. i too am tryin to grow in a PC tower. what kind of strains could i get away with if i wanted to keep the herb in there until harvest. it is roughly 40cm tall. i would pref. not to go with a lowryder. i hear white widow and big bud are both short bushy plants. any help would be greaty appreciated.
  9. You can train the shit out of any strain..Just do a sog but put the screen up and switch to flowering when they are like 6in.
  10. :)

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  11. Damn, up4anything that looks like one sweet setup, i think i might try that next year when im in collge.
  12. i would advise not... waste of time. you couldn't even veg a full mature plant in there... let alone a complete grow...

    waite until you can get an actual grow setup
  13. ^^yes it can be done but you wont get a huge yeild.Many people on og did it sucessfully.
  14. I would like to see an update from the original poster! I'm working on my PC Grow box right now. Will have pics soon
  15. Looks a real neat idea.

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