Grow Box Idea... would this work?

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  1. I own a small cabinet that I currently have no use for and was considering turning it into a grow box.

    The cabinet has two separate (light-proof) chambers. Chamber A is ~ 36"W x 24"D x 28"H. Chamber B is ~ 12"W x 24"D x 28"H. I was thinking a SOG perpetual set-up with 4 flowering and 4 vegging (each planting using 1 square foot). Chamber A would hold 2 of the flowering (the 2 in the light portion of the 12/12) as well as the 4 vegging/cloning. Chamber B would hold the other 2 flowering (the 2 in the dark portion of the 12/12).

    So... the design would be a floro light system in Chamber A and no lights in Chamber B (I would simply rotate the 2 sets of flowering plants between Chamber A and B as appropriate for the 12/12 cycle). Both chambers would have exhaust fans and inlet holes.

    My problem is that I don't know if this is at all possible. Even with several height-adjustable floros and SOG would light competition be too great for the clones to develop? Also, would adjusting floros so they are within 1" of the tops of the vegging/cloning plants, as is necessary from what I understand, damage the more developed plants nearby? (Of course, I would have it so 2 similar sized plants would be under a single floro but would the adjacent, different sized plants be damaged?)

    I've never grown before but I did read enough to get an understanding of the basics. Should I just cave and make a new 2 large chambered cabinet where I could hold vegging and flowering plants separately?

    Uh... I typed a lot.... sorry I go overboard sometimes.
  2. alright man i think you are confused on a couple of things.

    1. when vegging or clonning you will need lights. they are on for either 24 hrs a day or 18 hrs on and 6 off. those are the only two times you will see for vegging inddors. you will most likely veg for 6 to 10 weeks.

    2. you will put them in 12/12 to flower once your plant has shown its sex or when it has reached the height you want. for your small space you need to remember that they will grow 2 to 5 times there size when you start to flower them.

    3. you could do more then 1 per for a sog if you want. i would recommend a scrog (a search will give you more info on this) due to your height limitations. it takes a week or two longer but you wiil get a higher yeild. this design was specifically made for someone using floros in a small place. it will be perfect for you.

    hope some of that helped. good luck with the grow
  3. THanks for the help.

    1 & 2: I know vegging is 24 and flowering is 12/12. I was planning on keeping the 4 vegging constantly under the light. The flowering would be on a rotation (ie. 2 of the flowering (plants AB) would be under the lights while the other 2 (plants CD) would be in the dark; after 12 hours they would be rotated with AB in the dark and CD under the light). I was worried about potentially holding flowering and vegging (possibly cloning) plants in one area due to light competition and damage from adjusting floros.

    3: Ya after reading about it, you are right scrog would be perfect. Thanks!

    EDIT: I guess with the scrog method my questions are irrelevant as the screen would make moving the flowering plants from one chamber to the next very time consuming.
  4. ok i must have missunderstood you. anyway, good luck man. hope it turns out good for ya.

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