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    So, I'm thinking of getting a large wardrobe cabinet type thing and sticking it in a corner of my basement with exhaust out behind it so that it isn't really visible... I have a couple questions:

    1) For soil grow, how deep does the soil need to be? (I ask because I'll need to put intake holes, and I wouldn't want them to be too low)

    2) Would hanging a sheet of mylar across the front (ie: where the doors open, but on the inside) be enough lightproofing from the crack in the doors? (assuming the doors don't seal perfectly...)
    When I went to water or do anything with the plants I'd need to move it aside, but that shouldn't be a huge deal. No direct sunlight would be hitting any part of the box anyway

    3) My basement isn't a hugely high traffic area, but we do have friends down there, and sometimes relatives sleep on the couch down there if the guest room is also full... (but no where else is really good for a growbox). So, I would really need super duper quiet fans... in addition to buying larger, lower RPM fans for less noise, anyone have any advice for lowering the noise even further? I don't have to worry too much about anything looking suspicious from the back, as that would be facing the corner.

    OR I could put the whole thing in a storage room off my basement, but that room is uninsulated, and I live in Massachussets... would it get too cold for them during the winter, and too hot during summer? (I would probably be running CFL, not sure how many, but at least 8 26 watters). (I could always put insulation up for that room, but that would be a pain... not sure how I'd get it to stay up on concrete walls)

    And, now that I think of it, if insulation isn't needed, I also have an uninsulated part of my attic that no one should really be going into... but the doorway to it is kind of a half-size door, so getting a wardrobe or some other pre-constructed box in there might be difficult...

    4) With an active carbon scrubber, an ONA block, and an ionic air filter, would that get rid of odor? Is the information here about ozone correct? If so, would having the exhaust vent into a separate box behind the wardrobe with an ionic breeze air purifier (which i already own, but don't use because I heard the free radicals it releases are pretty bad for you) and an ONA block, which then vents through an active carbon scrubber, get rid of any identifiable odor?

    Is all that necessary? If I just used an active carbon scrubber, how often would the carbon need replacing? Is it ok to throw the carbon out in the trash, or would I need to dispose of it in some other way?
  2. A few more details to my questions:

    1) Actually it would probably be better to use buckets, eh? In that case, i can have the intake hole(s) wherever I like

    3) Would CFLs keep the box warm enough if it was in an uninsulated attic during a Massachussets winter?

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