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Grow Box help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by HitsFromDaBong, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. Would like anyones opinion on this the place I have for growing is 4foot 2 in tall 2feet deep and 6 feet wide and has 2 doors on the front. I am going to line the walls with cheap sheet metal (like flashing) to help the light.
    do I need ventilation?

    I am going to run an electrical outlet high on one of the inside walls to keep water from getting to it.

    About how many plants could I grow in here?
    And how many and what kind of light would be best?

    any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

  2. i'd say you could fit approx 10 in there, yes you'll need ventilation, and make sure the tin-foil is dull side facing the plant.......even better just paint the inside of the box for the height, i'd say it's too small for a good grow of 10 plants........the pot is approx 1' and then the 1' plant, and then allowing a minimum of 1' xtra for flowering, and also say a 1' gap to the light, and approx 8" for the light and reflector itself........= a min of 4'8".........i'd go with a bigger box, more square to allow the light to get to the plants, unlike a rectangular growbox..........and boy will it out.......Sid

    good ventilation essential........
  3. Thanks Sid I checked out ur grow guide and it is very helpful

    well if the box is to short I will cut the bottom drawers and stuff out and that will give me another foot and a half of height

    I am posting a pic of it so any other suggestions will be great

    Peace Out
  4. i dunno, i think 3' is high, so i'm sure you caould get away with 4'. just use low light fixtures, and SWC in 6" deep tubs. plenty of room...

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