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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by o Smoke, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. I've been doing research on growing for a while. I want to do a diy grow box but i plan on using BUBBLE BUCKET SYSTEM and most of the videos ive seen the boxes are very short i do plan on doing LST and a scrog to keep it shorter.

    I see all these Stealth grows but there tiny like PC grows, the 5 gallon bucket wont even fit in there. ANy Advice? thanks
  2. i'm in the same boat as you. after researching to no avail i came up with a design i thought was best for my small area. 4'x4'x5' , 5 pieces of plywood around $50, 2"x2"x8' boards $20.

    the main item i have yet to acquire is the pots, i am going soil and i am looking for short stout 2gal pots. since it's winter time the stores selection of pots are less than pleasing.

    this is just my setup for my unique little space, i would like to hear how you went about setting up your box.
  3. use a "tub" instead of a bucket. Like a rubbermade tub, those are shorter then 5 gallon buckets ans will allow more clearence
  4. I'll look into the tub idea for sure.

    It's going to be intresting on how i set this up, especially since im no carpenter
  5. You don't have to be a carpenter to build most of the stuff you see. Just patience. Take your time and it'll pay off!
  6. ^^^ what he said, plus don't forget math. helps to know the fractions off the top of your head. also don't get wood from home depot, their wood fucking blows and a day after bringing it home it was warped to hell(experience may vary). also use screws instead of nails, a square to make sure everything fits together nicely.
  7. seconded on the home depot crap being worthless, there cheaper wood tends to split.
  8. Will the tubs be big enough for the roots to spray and how would i use a pot in it
  9. cut holes in the top of the tub's cover and drop in net cups.

    you could go aeroponics and use an airstone and fishtank pump
  10. how tall would the tub have to be for the roots to have room and wheres the best place to purchase them?
  11. Tub height is pretty much standard if you get a 2+ gallon one.

    home depot, walmart, any big box store will carry it. make sure it's not clear, or if all you can find is clear, cover it with duck tape or paint, roots no likey light.

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