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  1. Please can you help ?

    I have a cab 70cm H x 60cm W x 35cm D

    I have a 12cm pc fan situated at the top and a 4cm fan at the bottom - my issue is the cab is running 35C using one 125W cfl :-(

    Should i ditch the intake fan and have 4 x 5cm round holes in the base ? Also use the elbow joints as suggested ?

    Your help would be appreciated dearly ! Oh and the cab is lined with an emergency blanket for light reflection

    Thanks in advance for any pointers
  2. okay so i was thinking of getting a 2x2x3 platic tubware tub for about 2 or 3 plants. my plan was to cut a hole in the side and run piping to a window very closely 1-2ft away and putting a fan in the box blowing towards the hole. than having an outlet on the top for the light(s). my only question is would this work? it sounds like it should to me but no being extremely expierence i wanted a second oppinion.
  3. good idea for wiring up fans for a small rubermaid box for instand is a gamecube, sounds funny eh? but it works there simple to take apart one the plasic shell is gone, undo a few screws and you have a small motherboard with the on off switch and 2 spots to plug in fans. one spot has the gamecube fan plugged in it so you take the end piece off the cord plugged in the other one get a computer fan take the piece off the end put the pos/neg wire in the new end piece and plug in, cut off other cord intended for regulating fan speed and you now have a on off switch set up with 2 fans, intake and out take :)
  4. good info, i want to grow some strawberry ,i'll take your advice
  5. broken links =(
  6. Saved for reference

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