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  1. I can't wait till I can move out and grow. It will be awesome. :D
  2. This thread needs an overhaul or un-stick
  3. yeah they should either find some new links that are not from or un sticky this Thread.
  4. yea links need updating. would like to look through them.
  5. Wow I am an idiot! I didn't realize you had to jump the power cable in order for the power supply to power on.

    I just broke one of mine into pieces after shorting it out. Luckily I have my older one I setup right, lmao!
  6. Ya. Overgrow was such a fantastic site and a wealth of information. I really miss that forum a lot. It had so much useful information that was lost and it is a shame. I learned a ton of stuff on that forum and really enjoyed reading the experiences of growers with some mad skills on Overgrow. As far as grow boxes go i finally took the plunge and bought the Flowering Chamber from Hydroponics Grow Box | Hydroponic Systems | Hydroponics Garden because i felt it had everything I needed in a grow box and I wasn't up for the challenge of building one myself. I will post some photos and a review of it as soon as it arrives. I ordered some fem seeds from BC and should have those in a couple of days. Now i am doing as much research as possible on low stress training techniques. Some great information on this forum... thanks guys!!

  7. that's for sure man. i miss overgrow sooo much!!

    as for grow boxes, i have a 7n1 Super File cabinet full setup on the way from dealzer. will upload pics when it arrives
  8. dude is one 70w carbon light enough to run one plant? :(
  9. when are they going to update the original post
  10. This guide is nothing but broken links. Maybe someone needs to post a guide on updating design threads.
  11. most overgrow members are now ICM members. international cannagraphic magazines. the pro's are mostly there & many OG threads as well.

  12. Wow, I didn't know that website...I should have but it's too late.

    Notice | Avertissement

    ..."of this site were convicted for conspiracy to import and export cannabis seeds..."

    it is illegal ? I thought that there was no THC in seeds, so there is nothing illegal .. !?
  13. I want to take this dresser:
    (approximately 3.5x5ft)

    and turn it into a suitable grow box for 3 (if possible 4) healthy, plants around 2 ft tall each.

    I have a budget of about $225 dollars set aside for lighting, ventilation and nutrient/mineral sources, and I'm assuming whatever is needed for maintaining a healthy PH and NPK and whatever else I don't have that are absolute necessities. This is where I need your help. Suggestions for these different areas?

    I'm trying to keep it simple and easy to manage (isn't everyone?). My location is secure, easy to access and most importantly non-sketch :cool:

    Things I already have:
    -3 standard 15 amp powerstrips
    -Extension cables
    -3 computer fans (I don't know if they are strong enough, but I haven't tested them): New Dell Dimension 4700 CPU Fan & Shroud W5457
    -A large set of clay pots of a wide range of sizes
    -Organic soil, miracle gro
    -Necessary construction equipment, wide assortment of tools

    Things I know I need:
    -Hose vent outlet and carbon filter ([ame=]YouTube - How To Make A Cheap Carbon Filter[/ame] does this work?)
    -Safe pesticides (necessary?)

    Sorry for the long post, I'll make an entire thread if necessary...
  14. I bought a brand new system from The grow box had all kinds of features including scent suppression. I'd rather get a new one. If I start building, I might break my fingers or cut them off.
  15. dude this is the grow your own section so go grow in ur turn key box for dummies lol jk
  16. The guide is amazing, too bad the photos are broken.

  17. I would suggest 100w for your first plant and 50w for every plant after that. Thats the general rule of thumb. hope that helps

  18. Solid post, hats off ;)

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