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  1. read previous post, the site got shut down
  2. none of the links from the second post work for me.
  3. Links on the main page need to be updated
  4. i'm amazed. i really wanna start growing
    but i live with four other people so it's practically
    impossible, i mean one being paroled here. lol.
    i'm moving out soon and then i'm dedicated an
    entire workspace.
  5. 99% of the links in this thread are obselete, they don't work. Time to update or delete I'm afraid.
  6. Push Push in the Bush
  7. Considering overgrow was taken down a while back, I doubt the links will be updated :smoke:
  8. I will use my first post in this forum to say this... wtf people? Read the damn thread before posting "links don't work". I don't think you can get past five posts before seeing that OG has been shut down. I'm new to all of this (and when I say new I mean I was given a plant this past weekend and this was the first thread that got pulled up from google) but I was able to wrap my mind around the broken links within the first thirty seconds of reading.

    Perhaps I'm just not smoking enough weed, haha.
  9. heres my setup just made it today, its two outdoor night lamps, ones 70watt hps, and the other is 70watt mh, i plan on doing single cola plants and the scrog method, this will be my first grow threw, ive never finished a crop, i plan on making a mother chamber once i find a nice female i like, and clone it.



  10. Hey

    I'm trying to find the best situation to grow, I'm looking to grow atleast 10-15 plants at once, as well have a spot for clones and veging.

    I'm not 100% sure how big of a closet space or what light size to use to pull this off? anyone give me a hand?
  11. i plan to grow 2 barney's LSD strains in a 10 gallon rubbermade tote (many wholes drilled for drainage/aeration) in 2 parts african violety low ph potting soil plus 1 part moisture controll potting soil and a good bit of perlite all is potting soil so no real dirt... i have an "all in one meter" to test the soil and i have a fixture i made out of 6 normal sockets (3 on each side) and a 150HPS bulb in the center, reg sockets hold CFLs all daylight. all is suspended and fully adjustable ( im so proud of it since i made it lol) i hate my hydro tank im ripping it out, too complicated. in the wall a 3 inch hole is cut and an XBOX fan over it for cool intake. temps at 75 - 85 hum at 33 last checked. Timers are in good use. i know roots like to dry out for a good bit and i wanted to know if you can provide a good watering regimine? the meter says when its dry and not but how dry is cool? also how do you flush in potting soil WITHOUT drowning / rotting the roots at harvest? and expert advise or improvements on this setup will be greatly apreciated and ive never tried ANY trees this strong so if yall got any advise hit me back ill be posting pics soon as attitude gets my shirt here... but i need advise by time they get here :-/ HELP should be here by fri or sat
    p.s. first time poster long time reader of this site.

  12. far as flushing your soil base plants you usually do it in parts with a 40-45 minute soil rest between each session.
  13. sounds like a plan! got everything mixed in exept the perlite i'm buying tomorrow, still gotta buy some more 6500k cfl's but it's cool got the money set aside, just wish attitude would hurry up, or whoever delivers the shirt option lol, been 7 days today. i drilled like 300 pin holes in this rubbermade for max drainage, 18 gallon capacity. hurry up attitude!! any nute suggestions?
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    Sun Blaze T-5 grow lights anyone have any luck with these?? also I have ordered a Grow Lab GL80 ... Cant wait for them to get here , any feedback on the Sun Blaze T-5 would be much appreciated.. ya I know long time reader of the forums, first post, the Sun Blaze T-5 are flourescents.. I grew outside last year and had a close call from Helicopter.. So trying inside this year. Thanks
  15. How much is everyone spending on their grow boxes?
  16. I spent $189.95 on my GL 80 which is 2'7"+2'7"+5'11" and an additional $119.95 for my Sun Blaze 24 4 lamp, and its setup as of yesterday, Looks sweet;)
  17. hey guys jus bought home and now wife and i are really wanting to set up own room we have a space with dimensions of 6x6x6 but have never attempted this before please if you can guide me thru the rest we only want to supply our needs any tips
  18. Can you update some of these links? So many are broken, and I'd like to have this info.

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