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  1. Hey ,this will be my first grow and im in the process of constructing my box. I will only be growing 1 plant for my first grow. I had plywood on hand so I am using it. I framed it with 2x4's with the base being 26inches by 29 inches. The height is 5ft. One side of the box is hinged. On the top on the box I have a 90mm comp fan working as exhaust into my crawl space, on the bottom is a 90mm working as intake with a 6 foot air conditioning duct connected to minimizes light intake. Inside in the top corner of the box is a 120mm comp fan, (blows softer than the others) faced down to where the plant will be. The walls and floor is covered with reflective mylar. The light I ordered today was a 250watt hps / mh . I will use the mh in vegetation and the hps in flowering. All the fans are ran to an adapter and plugged into a surge strip along with the balast from the light. I have a 2gallon bucket sized dripp kit get general hydroponics. I just orderd a "recipe for success starter kit" made by b.c from discount - hydro.... This is about all I can think of.. Any tips on the box. i also have a thermometer hanging in there, what should the temperature stay around.... Now, if I could only find a legit place to order some seeds. links would be nice.

    will post pics later

  2. Links from original post are dead jim =(
  3. yeah i have the same questions about lighting, like would a 70 w hps be enough for 2-3 plants? where do you get a 70 W hps ballest (and everything else you need to make it work) cus when i was looking it seemed like the only sizes i could find were 400 and up. could i get a 70 w in a hardware store?
  4. You can get a 70w HPS at a hardware store.. They have them in the form of security lights and over on ICMag, sugabear did a nice tutorial on how to take it apart and make a working light out of it..

    Check it out... And good luck!
  5. excellent, this is exactly what i was looking for thanks
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  8. if you get the 250watt and a 125 red cfl for flowering that will do up to four plant and if you use a cfl for the first two weeks the use the 250 hps for the last 4 week of flower less electity and less heat no pigs lol
  9. Hi m8 wondering if u or anyone out there can help me set up an R.V.K extractor fan with a silencer where does it sit out side the tent i could really do with somehelp another thing i,ve not got a fast clamp but i got told i could use 1ft of ducting to attach the fan to the silencer you,d be helping me right out PEACE & HAPPY GROWING budbhoy:confused:
  10. OVERGROW.COM was shut down by the RCMP (Canadian Federal Police). Anyone visiting these links is subject to possible police notification.

    Mainly, Too many "for profit" growers.
  11. what are some of these electronics that have fans in themdont have the luxurymof ordering stuff
  12. BUMP this to the top
  13. did u notice the guy that started this never mentioned the 105-200 watt cfls. why all the hate? they throw off a good number off lumes. a 200 watt cfl will cover at least a 3by3 space with a good reflector and they are kinda cheap and there is a lot lesser chance of a the thing we fear the most the dreaded "Grow Fire" eek!
  14. [quote name='firstgrow']I am about to start growing and I set yp my grow box in my closet.
    For my grow I already have:
    -a spot to grow
    -2 fluorescent lamps
    -2 fans
    -a 4 foot tall box (space inside box is 2x2 feet)
    -a humidifier
    -pH/moisture/amout of light measuring device

    here are some pics of my grow box with out the lights and everything;

    thats the closed box sitting in my closet. one of the lights is on the floor

    another pic different angle.

    [​IMG] thats part of the inside of the box. Im still working on that.

    Your wastein ur time if thats the only lights u use. if goin on the cheap i recomend keepin that big light u got and buy a few 42 watt cfls. also why whould u want a light measure device. heres some adive read upp on shit on this site cus from the looks of things ur wasteing ur time.
  15. im looking at buying exhaust fans for my grow box project. the "fart fan", does it have intake/outake or just outake. i have purchased cpu fans, but i onlyhave 2 and the box is going to be large.
  16. yea grOwer should stop wasting time postn the same s**t on diff sites and either speak knowledge or dont speak
  17. Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken
  18. i have a 2' tall 1'wide box with a norm. lightbulb and a small fan it start my plants off good then i put them outside
  19. anyone have link @ stealth dresser grow box
  20. is it just my outdated system or does everyone get redirected to another search on links on 1st page

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