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  1. fyi - overgrow is gone for good. those links could use updating
  2. First post and I tell u what, Im gonna learn alot. Already know the basics of growin but there is still alot of learnin to do.:hello:

  3. Really not sure where you're getting these figures from but they are way out. The formula for wattage is W=V*I; and given that most 4/6 way power strips have a rating of 250VAC and 13Amp, then the maximum power they can handle is about 3250W. (These are UK values - In US and other countries that use 110VAC supplies then use a 15Amp strip to handle up to 1650W).

    Not saying that it isn't a good idea to be running through a circuit breaker; simply that you don't need to take such measures unless you're using a whole room for your grow, in which case, you'll be using wall sockets which are already rated at 30Amp (UK), and thus they still require no extra wiring.
  4. I agree 100% with uk_stoner. I do think a 15 or 20 Amp Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) is a must for anyone in the states. Safety should be your first concern. But routing a new circuit might be a bit over-kill for most personal grows (and the name of this thread is "grow box design guide").
    A 400w hps magnetic ballast (grow lamp) only draws about 4.0 amps (you can see some ratings here). I asked the electrician at the plant I work at, how much stuff can I run off a 20-amp breaker. He said "you can run thousands of things as long as it does not exceed 20 amps".
    Peace, R.
  5. I agree the links should be updated if possible, I've been looking all over the place for pics of good cabinets and every link points to overgrow.
  6. does anybody have any WORKING links to those boxes?
  7. could you copy and paste what my baby should look like before I top her for the first time?
  8. could you copy and paste what my baby should look like before I top her for the first time?

    Thanx gratefully RCz
  9. I am about to start growing and I set yp my grow box in my closet.
    For my grow I already have:
    -a spot to grow
    -2 fluorescent lamps
    -2 fans
    -a 4 foot tall box (space inside box is 2x2 feet)
    -a humidifier
    -pH/moisture/amout of light measuring device

    here are some pics of my grow box with out the lights and everything;

    thats the closed box sitting in my closet. one of the lights is on the floor

    another pic different angle.

    [​IMG] thats part of the inside of the box. Im still working on that.

    Thoes are my lights. I got them for free. Im thinking of buying some CFL lamps.

    Also I still need my seeds. I can get some for free but if that doesn't work out I'd like to know what kind of seeds give you that good piff, big sticky buds, and are easy to grow?

    What do you guys think of my grow box so far?
  10. I really liked the beginning of this thread but the problem is that LEO or whatever agency that closed Overgrow down didn't happen to transfer all the posts & links to new location. (not suprising)
    Several years ago I printed up many of OG's threads for future reference (Thankfully) and have recently designed and built (with other input from fellow growers) my own box for less then $600.
    If any one is interested considering all the links from this thread are links from OG, I have been slowly posting details from my handwritten notes on-line, on a new thread
    Grow-box design under $600.
  11. Think about flat white paint, they say it's better than gloss.
  12. Hippie John either those links take a really long time to load or they don't work. I don't get it.
  13. The links work fine.
  14. Ok dee i see what your saying, the main links on the first page.

    Yes they should be removed as they link to which is no more.
  15. that was the first time i've understood bubble buckets. but i got a crazy idea. Instead of growing normal trained plants in the BB, why not veg them in a spare bottom and while they are vegging, do some lst training. Maybe on have 2 plants and each reaches half way around, therefore you will have more than 4 cola points? do ya know what i'm sayin, or has this glorious 420 made me retartded?:smoke:
  16. Hey guys, first post on the forums for me! I'm a relatively new grower and live in an apartment complex, therefore I am seeking methods for discretion. I have been tooling around with an idea of converting an old bookshelf to a grow box. The exact dimensions of the bookshelf with the inner shelves removed (aside from the top to allow for light mounting) is 34"H x 16"W x 11"D. The wood is quite heavy and the bookcase is solid. Do you think this is a feasible project? I was thinking of placing 3 floro fixtures in the box for a total of 6 40W bulbs (24" vertical) for the vegetative state and maybe using these lights for the generative state as well? I have a seperate unit for pre vegetative. If necessary I can buy a small 75W sodium high pressure lamp and install it on the bottom of the top shelf I have left intact, do you think this is a necessary step for this box and if so, will it fit?? I plan on installing 3 120mm computer fans on the top area of the box and equal sized vent holes toward the bottom. I am also going to attach a power strip and I have a wall mountable humidity and temperature gauge. So I guess my general questions are: what can I do to improve this setup if infact it is feasible AND what is my potential yield under optimum conditions? The two strains I have purchased are Hawaii Maui Waui and Dutch Dragon. Thanks alot in advance guys!!
  17. For some reason, none of the links will load. Any ideas?
  18. has been down for a while now i think...

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