Grow box advice for a micro grow?

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  1. Hey all, have been lurking for a bit. Decided to try my hand at growing the good herb recently and am wondering what you all might think of this setup for a super stealth super micro grow?
    I will only be growing one or two Northern Lights Auto plants and they will be purposefully grown in small fabric pots (1 or 2 gallons) to keep size small. Will LST just to ensure small height. Yield is not such a big factor this time.
    The grow box will be made out of black and white poly film and an old mini greenhouse frame, the dimensions will likely 3(w) x 4(h) x 2(d) which comes out to 24cft, might actually make it smaller or slightly bigger. Lights are a 2x10W 2700K CFL, 2x10W 6500K CFL, and a 54W PAR style LED Grow Bulb (mixture of reds, blues, and white).
    Planning to cut an intake hole on bottom left side of box, then mount an exhaust fan on the top right side of box. Heat* will not be an issue at all so planning on using a 70CFM** PC Fan for exhaust. And just in case, will make a small carbon filter which I assume just needs to be attached to the fan on the inside of the box (so the fan pulls the air into the filter and exhausts it out, do I have that right?). Also will have a small fan inside the box to keep air moving around the plants.
    Pretty simple and basic but should get the job done?
    * I have a small cardboard box lined with mylar that I have been using for pepper starts and internal temps with the above mentioned CFLs with the box completely closed are only about 30C (86F) max. I have something growing in this box right now and light out put is about 15000 lumens based on distance from lights to plant (about 2inch) as measured with a light meter.
    ** I read on here somewhere that the CFM of your fan depends on the amount of air you need to move out of the box every 5 minutes, which means for me 24/5 = 4.8CFM, hence the choice of a PC case fan, is this correct?
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Check my cabinet out?

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