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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by kyleweed, May 14, 2006.

  1. so this is my first time growing and i germinated some seeds and put them in different small patches spread around in a forest kind of area and i am having a real problem with deer stepping on my patches and trampling my baby sprouts. Another problem is raccoons and things of that sort digging through the soil. i was just wondering if anyone here had any suggestions for me.
  2. Buy a sniper rifle and own those deer and coons.
  3. Shooting near your grow?? Oh yeah, good idea.
  4. Just get fishing wire around the tree's. :D Blaze on.
  5. fishing wire, and piss around those patches. the piss gives them the off scent of a human.
  6. yea best to hold your bladder till you get to the grow site then let it go
  7. like a said to someone else in their thread... im a hunter and when i go hunting i gotta make sure i dont have a spec of human scent on me or the deer will be scared.. they can smell really really good.... i have to use special soaps and shampoo and stuff...if i had deoderant on the deer would not even come near me... so if u want to scare the deer and animals away...piss in a big radius around your seedlings and/or just spray a whole can of axe or something all over the ground and trees and stuff... (not on your plant tho) just in a big circle around the bush or where you planted... hope that helps

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